Learn English Naturally

Learn English Naturally
Learning English in a natural way makes it hard to forget

Today we share a new mp3 English lesson with you. By clicking on the link below you will be able to download your free English lesson to your computer. The rar file you downloaded contains one mp3 file and one pdf text file. So you can follow the same time reading while listening to the lesson. Listen to the lecture several times a day for one week to ensure maximum benefit. You can read the Turkish translation of our course below.

We know so many of us that the best way to learn English is to learn intuitively and naturally. Yes, many students still choose to learn English in an unnatural, ineffective and old way. And they continue to suffer from disappointment. Passing on learning English effortlessly and naturally , why scare some students?

The answer, of course, is our education system. Industrial, factory-style training systems are available all over the world. Students passively memorize information by boring memorizing techniques. They passively listen to class notes.

Anyone who knows how the human brain learns will understand how ineffective this learning style is. Learning in school is totally away from nature.

So why are we thinking that way. Because the main role of schools is not to feed our brains, but to teach them to be soft-headed employees who apply the rules to us. This is painful truth. In fact, in some countries, the official education units of the administrations openly admit that it is not important for students to improve fluency in English . For example, many state officials in Japan have said that their main purpose is not to teach English to students but to make them more disciplined.

In other words, these officials believe that students will become more powerful by forcing them to memorize boring and useless information. It is not surprising that a few Japanese learners have become fluent in English by learning outside the school system of education .
Of course, Japan is not the only country that uses this type of education system. Only a few schools are taught English to teach from the natural way .

What is more distressing is that their private English courses are also heavily influenced by the state’s education system. Thus, private English courses also use textbooks, old teaching techniques and grammar memorization methods as the primary method.

In order to learn English by natural methods, it is necessary to go beyond the existing education system and be a completely independent learner. By choosing a listening-first learning method , you should allocate most of your time and energy to understandable English listening . Listen , natural English learning is the basis. Listening is the real skill you need to perform before you focus on something else.

Going out of the existing education system does not mean you have to stay alone. When you are learning English with a focus on listening , you can join them by joining English learning groups. Students communicate with each other in our forums and talk over each other via Skype. They focus their working time on listening. However, they socialize and communicate with each other.

These natural learning groups are, unlike many existing schools and classes; fun, friendly and energetic. There is no pressure here, only friendly encouragement and support. It is this natural way to learn English easily, effortlessly, socially and independently. It learns as children learn naturally before they go to school.

So there’s nothing to worry about. Now is the time. Stop learning with the old education system. Stop printing, stress, fear and distress. Become a natural and independent learner, learn English faster , easier and more fun.


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