Job Interview 5 Tips for Outfit Selection

Job Interview 5 Tips for Outfit Selection
Job Interview 5 Tips for Outfit Selection

How to choose a job interview clothes? You recently applied for a job and you were invited for an interview. But you have no idea how to get dressed!

Academy Job Interview 5 Tips for Choosing Clothes

The importance that you give to your clothes during the first meeting gives confidence to the employer and gives him an idea of ​​how well you can do your duty.

Now we will make suggestions about how to dress in the interview:

The first thing you need to know is the man or the woman, the clothes you choose for the interview should be appropriate to the culture of the institution you are visiting. Depending on the sector, the style of clothing varies. For example, employees of a bank wear more seriously than employees of an advertising agency. For this reason, try to get a chance to examine the company you are going to the job interview with and to negotiate with a suitable outfit.

In general, plain and exaggerated clothing is considered as a plus, as we mentioned in some sectors (fashion, advertising agency, architecture) trend can bring plus points.

  1. Color Selection

Women: As the color dark blue, black, gray, such as dark colors should be preferred. You should not prefer brown. Because it is a rather dull and gloomy color.

Men: Dark colors (gray and navy). Please do not choose black suit. Because it adds unnecessary formality to the air of the interview.

  1. Outfit

Women: Skirt / jacket or trousers / jacket allows you to have a stylish look. You can choose a tight-fitting shirt or knitwear or pullovers into your pants and jacket. You can also choose a cycling neckline or ’V‘ collar knitwear sweater over your shirt. A dark knit sweater, which you will wear on your shirt when you are not wearing a jacket, will help you to show you both professionally.

Men: Suit, usually white down buttoned shirt, optional shirt on the knitwear sweater, tie (plain pastel and patternless), should choose black stockings. Your tie shouldn’t be a tangled, mottled-looking tie. Plain, even silk gives you plus points.

  1. Shoe, Bag, Watch and Jewelry Preferences

Women: First, simple, exaggeration will not run, you should prefer shoes without stones. When choosing shoes, you should generally prefer high-heeled shoes. If you want to look weaker, you should choose pointed toe shoes. If your height is short you should stay away from the shoes and long boots that end in the wrist. If you have a problem with the belly, do not choose bags that end in the waist.

While you prefer bags, you should not choose too large bags if you are a short woman. It will be nice if you get a simple portfolio in your hand. Never use side-mounted bags. The bag is very important, it is the shoes and bag showing the quality of the ladies. They must be clean.

When choosing jewelry, we should never use big jewelry, we should not exaggerate. You should prefer simple little earrings. You can also choose a sleek, thin chain necklace. But if there is a piercing, ring on the nose, ears should be removed 3-4 earrings.

Men: We recommend wearing only watches as jewelry. Choose a shoe that is black or brown without a clean sport.

Following the fashion is very important in wristwatches as in every field. You can evaluate different wrist watches according to your style and fashion. Everyone should have more than one hour. It is important that the watches have different styles. One of the most important products to complement your clothing and style will be watches. Therefore, you should take care to have different models in your closet.

Choose your style, choose the appropriate wristwatch and make the difference in your environment. You can do detailed and comprehensive research from online stores.

  1. Hair, Makeup and Shaving

Women: On your way to an interview you should make your hair and makeup simple and natural. Just get your hair clean and neat. You must not overdo it. For example, you should make models without too much relief. In your makeup, you should have an image of make-up and not to do, and choose light and light colors. Stay away from dark headlights and do not apply a red lipstick if possible. The nails must be of a suitable length and clean, and your nail polish should be light.

Men: Make sure your hair is not scattered as if it was removed from the bed. Don’t overdo it if you use jelly. Your hair should be smooth, combed and clean. Men must be shaved, mustache and beard should shape properly.

  1. Cleaning and Odor

In addition to the right clothes, you should also pay attention to personal hygiene. Your nails should be clean. You should prefer mild odors. You should not squeeze your perfume on you. That would have a bad effect.

Remember that the outfit we choose strengthens our impression. We emphasize that we are ready to take on the professionalism of your choice. Edi He tells us what we want to tell “. Apart from applying these suggestions in our normal life or when you are going to the interview, you should reveal your outfit with your confidence and your upright posture. A non-confident posture cannot carry you forward.


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