Is A CRM Program Required in Business?

Is A CRM Program Required in Business?

What Can You Do with These Programs?

CRM is no longer a trend in today’s world, and it has become a necessity and even necessity. It is observed that the companies that can recognize their customers and can flirt with them take longer time and can crown these relations with loyal customers. As in every relationship, the first moment of encounter in customer relations is very important. The moment of encounter of the customer and the business brings the customer to the position of lead.

CRM and Sales Management Software

You can manage the whole sales process online from initial customer contact to bidding, order delivery. It is possible to do this either from the web or from the mobile application.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

All About Your Customers

You can save all the people and companies that do business together. Such programs offer instant access to important information, such as contact details, sales details, past orders, anywhere.

Interview Notes

You can record all the calls you have made with your customers and publish them in the in-house news feed. You can add photos, contracts and various files to your notes.


You can group your customers into specific groups with labels. So, list the people and companies with the same label, you can find what you are looking for more easily.

Sales Process Management

It is possible to bring all sales at a glance to you. You can define your sales stages. It is very important for you to watch all sales as a bird’s eye with its stages. With the drag-drop feature, you can easily update the sales stages.


Evaluate your potential customers, determine the sales potential for the leads you see as qualified, you have the opportunity to start following. It is possible to transfer all leads from different channels to the system automatically.

Offer and Order Management

By saving custom templates to your company, you save time when preparing your quotes and orders. E-mail your bids, you’ll receive news when read. You can track the profitability of each order.

Product and Inventory Tracking

List of products

Save all products and services you sell. Save time when creating offers and orders. Group your products, create a catalog.

Inventory Tracking

You can easily check the stock status of your products while selling. You immediately notice the products with reduced stock. Thus, you can supply the missing products in time, and you will not miss the opportunity to sell.

Activity Management for Your Team

Sales Activities

You can define activities for your colleagues and yourself for the sales and follow-up of your customers. You can create tasks based on different activity types, such as phone calls, meetings, e-mails, visits, events.

Instant Notifications

It is possible to receive notifications on your mobile phone when you are given a job or when you have completed a job. You can put reminders on important things you’re following, and you’ll never forget.

Calendar View

You can list all the jobs you follow according to the criteria you have set. You can see your team’s work and your own activities on the calendar.

Special Applications for Your Company

Form Creation Wizard

Specify the data entry fields you need, create your application specific to your company in minutes, and start using it from anywhere.

Ready Applications

You can track real-time information such as incoming calls, customer visits, inspections, service requests. You can change the ready-made applications according to your needs.

Web Forms

You can make your applications web form and publish them on your own website. When customers who visit your site fill out the form, it is possible to provide automatic information flow to the system.


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