In the First 3 Months, What Should We Provide First for You?

As long as the employee meets the expectations from the workplace, his performance increases directly with the happiness he experiences. In this context, what are the expectations of the employees in the first 3 months from the workplace? For the answers to this question, you should examine the topics below.

Everyone’s Priority Request: A Good Salary

Undoubtedly, economic conditions are taken into consideration first. The most important thing for the staff is to work in a good salary range. Being able to spare time for social life and meeting its needs depends on this. Therefore, nobody wants to live with a low wage. The higher the salary intervals, which vary according to the status and department, the greater the morale and motivation of the employee.

Working Near Home

Especially people who live in crowded and traffic-related cities attach great importance to location. Everyone wants to spare time for themselves and their loved ones after the tiring pace all day long. Therefore, everyone is pushing the opportunities to go home as soon as possible.

Popularity of the Company Worked

Let’s look at another detail that people who are new to business life or who have worked in the industry for years are important when looking for a job. This detail is of course working in a good company. This type of employee must have become one of the leading names in the sector today, where the brand identity of the business he wants is important. Because the workplaces that adopt professionalism are among the primary preferences of all employees.

Getting a Good Experience

The importance of experience in business life is at least as important as the diploma. As such, the number of students volunteering to gain experience in school years is considerably high. You may care about experience. Even new graduates work for the first 1-2 years without anticipation of high salaries to gain experience.

Work safety

Another feature that is directly proportional to firm reliability is to ensure business reliability. Responsible for the health and safety of employees, the company takes all necessary measures to protect it. In addition, as long as it performs the necessary applications, it is always at the top of the employees’ preferences. It is important that the employee feels safe. In other words, the idea of ​​knowing that their legal rights are protected also increases their potential positively.

Finding Time for Social Life

In the intense pace of business life, you can imagine the dream of employees who want to catch up with the life waiting for them outside. Working in a job where they can devote time to social activities. Besides all their own activities, it is the dream of all employees to participate in organizations organized by the workplace. It is also one of the main elements that strengthen motivation and communication.

Flexible Working Culture

The number of Freelance working systems in the world has been increasing in recent years. One of the main reasons for this is that people want to have flexible working opportunities. Employees do not want to adhere to a particular institution or time limit. There are ease and difficulties brought by the freelance working system directed by people.

Side Rights

The benefits that we have mentioned in our last title are a separate factor that plays a role in the selection of employees. Apart from the work, workplaces with opportunities such as courses, sports or seminars that will contribute to personal development attract great attention by the employees.


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