Improve English Vocabulary and Reading

Improve English Vocabulary and Reading

Today, we will talk about learning English vocabulary and how to use it in reading. How do you improve your English reading quickly and easily? How do you learn difficult English words? Is it possible to develop English vocabulary and reading quickly?

Yes, you can develop very quickly.

You’re in luck. There are a lot of research on this subject. Research tells us which technique is successful and which technique doesn’t work. Research is very clear and extremely powerful. You will learn very fast English vocabulary if you are using the right technique.

Things You Shouldn’t Do:

Do not read difficult articles and textbooks. If you read difficult texts and textbooks, your ability to read in English will develop very slowly. Many students try to improve their reading of English by reading difficult texts. While doing this, they use their dictionaries, take notes, and work with it. They may need an hour or more to read only one small text.

Students will learn how to learn difficult texts faster. But they’re wrong. Absolutely and completely wrong. If you feel the need to look at the dictionary more than 3 times while reading a page, that text is difficult for you. Instead of reading English books more easily you can learn many new English words.

Fun And Easy Reading Is The Best Way.

No doubt, you should read easy and interesting articles or books to improve your English reading very quickly (but not textbooks). Yes, you should read a lot (one hour or more per day) but you should read easy English books.

The rule for doing English reading is simple. You should not need to use a dictionary to understand a book. If you need the dictionary, what you read is difficult and you should find an easier text to read. You should be able to understand 98% or more of the words on each page you read. When you can understand 98% of what you read, it is very easy to estimate the% 2 part you do not understand. You do not need a dictionary.

Learn English Word 3-5 Times Faster

Researches have shown that, easy to read books; It improves your English reading, your English vocabulary and grammar knowledge 3-5 times faster than reading difficult books.

What to read?

What kind of books should you read? It can be any book you like. Children’s books can be adventure, science fiction, romantic, funny books.

9 Monthly Reading Power

When you do this one hour every day, you will be surprised. You will make a super progress. We guarantee you will be able to improve your English faster than students studying hard books. As a result, be comfortable. Find something easy and interesting and read. We wish you good luck with your English education.


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