Importance of Communication Between Manager and Team Relationship

Importance of Communication Between Manager and Team Relationship
Importance of Communication Between Manager and Team Relationship

Suppose you work as a manager in a company. Pay attention to your communication with each of the people you will manage. Because every dialogue will form the communication between you and the team in general. In other words, effective communication is necessary for a successful and efficient working environment. Having a strong communication with successful team members enables them to establish more comfortable authority over them. Let’s take a look at the recommendations to make the executive team communication perfect.

Tips for improving communication between manager and team

You should express what you want to tell instead of asking questions

That is, asking whether a given task has been completed can disrupt the motivation of the other party. Instead, you should express your satisfaction if the job is completed. For example, did you finish the analysis you had to do? There are more appropriate expressions you can use instead of asking this question. One of these could be this. It’ll be great if you’ve completed the analysis you need to do. You can strengthen your dialogue with the team members with such expressions.

Have confidence-giving conversations

Self-esteem is one of the basic qualities that a leader should have. It is easy for a confident manager to take control of the team members, which is fascinating. For this reason, you should make confident conversations.

You must set the deadline for the jobs you want to be done

The common feature of failed projects is the continuous postponement. In order to avoid this failure in the projects you manage, you must set a deadline. This principle should be adopted for every work that needs to be done at every stage of the project. Otherwise, your employees prioritize the work that needs to be done. Then a job that is very important to you can be postponed. Thus, the project starts to drift into failure.

Take control by repeating what you want if it’s not done

Your employees can comment on the completion time of your task. They may even question your orders, saying it’s not urgent. When such comments are made, it can be perceived as a lack of authority within the team. It is very important to manage such communication correctly. First of all, never ignore the possibility that your employee is right. Think for a moment and make a small assessment. Show that you value your opinions if your employee is right. If you think our employee is not right, choose that answer well. Thank you for your comment. However, the completion of this work is very important for other businesses to run in a healthy way. Therefore, you must complete the task I have given you as soon as possible. A similar answer will increase your reputation within the team. 

As you can see, a communication that can turn into a crisis can turn into an opportunity.


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