Hygiene in The Office, What Are the Microbes Favorite in The Office?

Hygiene in The Office, What Are the Microbes Favorite in The Office?
Hygiene in The Office, What Are the Microbes Favorite in The Office?

Spending the whole day in a crowded office brings many points to health. Especially some areas are very suitable for germs. It is possible to make office life more hygienic with small precautions!

What Are the Microbes Favorite in The Office?

No matter how clean the offices look, you should pay attention to hygiene as many people work together. Researches in the office table, keyboard and mouse, such as refrigerator and mug areas and objects in terms of hygiene is extremely problematic. Many of the surfaces we think are clean can even be dirty from the toilets.


According to a study conducted in the United States, desks are the most microorganisms in offices. For example, a landline phone contains more than 25,000 species of bacteria and fungi. What’s more the table surfaces are 7 times more dirty than the toilets you think are normally dirty. Pencils, staples and similar office supplies contain more germs than most of our dirty boxes and objects. If you share your desk with other employees in the office, the pollution increases. According to another study, keyboards and mice contain 1500-3000 microorganisms per square centimeter. So seriously it was very dirty. This is not a problem if the keyboard and mouse are only yours. However, if you share them with someone or someone, it is very likely that the microorganisms they have left will infect you. Moreover, it is quite possible that there are those who cause disease.

In order to take precautions, cleaning your desk and phone, keyboard, mouse and other office items in the morning with an antibacterial wipe makes a significant difference. Also try not to eat your meals at the table. If you eat, then wipe the table nicely. Food residues accelerate the growth of microorganisms.


According to research, common refrigerators in almost all offices are literally the bacteria nest. In these refrigerators, whose doors are constantly opened and closed, the air inside cannot be cool enough for food to remain intact. In addition, they do not clean very well because they contain too much food residue. This makes office refrigerators a hell of a hygiene. Therefore, if you are using this type of refrigerator, make sure that the food you place is not in contact with the refrigerator surfaces or the food of other employees. Do not consume long-term food in the refrigerator.

Mugs and cups

Mugs are among the most dirty items in the office. Even if you use your personal mug, the liquids remaining in the mug during the day can produce bacteria. This is why the cups must be cleaned correctly before each use. More dangerous is the common mugs. The bacteria found in these can be transmitted more easily from one person to another. It is best to use either disposable cups or your own well-cleaned cups. The use of common glasses in the office is extremely problematic.

Door handles

The door handles, which everyone has to touch, are among the most densely populated areas. Scientifically proven that flu and many other diseases can be transmitted through the door handles. Research shows that a significant number of people do not have the habit of washing hands, and almost half of them do not wash their hands even after the toilet. With that in mind, everything becomes more terrible.

The best way to avoid the germs on the door handles is to avoid contact with them at all. Of course, this is a bit difficult. For this reason, you can try to wash your hands frequently during the day or to clean them with antibacterial gel or handkerchiefs.


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