HR Specialist Asks You to Tell Your Story

HR Specialist Asks You to Tell Your Story
HR Specialist Asks You to Tell Your Story

You’re in a job interview and asked questions, and you find yourself telling your life story, which focuses on your character, the way you do business and your social skills. This is due to the competence-based interview technique applied to you. So, what is a competency-based interview? Candidates should pay attention to what? How do you have tricks to help your interview go well?

In a competency-based interview, which is frequently preferred by Human Resources experts and based on scientific data, the HR expert makes future predictions by looking at the candidate’s past. It is tried to determine whether the candidate has a specific question with the questions asked, whether he / she is fit for the position, problem-solving skills and behavioral structure at the point of human relations. It is important for the candidate to be prepared for these questions. Talking about the facts, being impressive, responding to difficult questions in a comfortable way and being able to establish a relationship between the story and the desired position are among the factors that succeed.

Here’s What Candidates Need to Consider in the Competency-Based Interview


To be successful in the competency-based interview, the first goal should be prepared. For this purpose, a small research on internet interview techniques can work. The purpose of the interview is to work in accordance with the details and expressions that the Human Resources specialist will take into consideration and to act in accordance with it.

Be willing

Starting to be stretched to the competency-based interview may lead to confusion and to create an impression contrary to what is desired. Therefore, being comfortable and willing is important. At this point, the importance of being prepared becomes apparent. To be willing and to feel comfortable shows the difference of the candidate.

Being fast and convincing

Considering the short duration of the interviews, it is important that the candidate knows that there is an average of two minutes to respond to the question. During this period the candidate must be clear, convincing and open. Dive into the details of the story and extend unnecessary points can sabotage the interview.

Claiming mistakes

A candidate who says that he has made a perfect picture, has never made a mistake, will not be realistic, and in crisis management questions the candidate is more likely to make mistakes. Everyone learns through his mistakes. Therefore, in the interview, it is necessary to embrace the errors and to express what kind of lessons are taken from them. This awareness will be effective in stepping forward.

Show all skills

The ability of the candidate to show all his / her skills during the interview is related to being able to express himself well. According to the questions asked by the Human Resources specialist, the candidate who tells his / her story can ensure that this story contains more skills than desired. The problem-solving skill will stand out among the other candidates if the candidate being tested can answer the relevant question and show that he / she is empathetic, cooperative, diligent and open to innovation.

Examples of competency-based interview questions:

– Could you explain a situation in which you could not agree with one of your team members in your business life? What did you do for the solution?

– Can you tell us how you planned and executed an important project? How was your time management? What kind of problems did you have?

– Can you tell us about a situation where you have to do a lot of work that is overlapping with time?

– Can you tell an experience where you can attract the attention of people and influence the degree to which you can change their perspective? What was the result?

– Can you tell us about a situation where you exceed the expectations of the customer? What did you do? What was the client’s reaction?

– Can you tell us about your experience as a mediator and patient? Where have you been pushed?

– What was the most important problem you have ever experienced in your business life? How did you solve it?

– Can you tell us about an event where you have to take a quick decision to avoid a difficult situation or a problem?

– Can you tell us about an event you brought innovation?

– Could you tell us about a time when you had to work under pressure and stress? How did you deal with this?

– Can you tell us about your experience by focusing on your goal? What did you do to reach your goal?


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