How Would You Describe Your Weaknesses?

How Would You Describe Your Weaknesses?
How Would You Describe Your Weaknesses?

There are easy ways to reverse the best job interview. One of these is to eliminate questions from the Human Resources specialist. One of the interview questions that the candidates refrain from answering (How would you describe your weaknesses? Or What is your weakness?). Many candidates answer this question immediately (I am a workaholic) or (I am a perfectionist).

The response from the Human Resources specialist is inevitable

That doesn’t sound like a weakness to me. Can you tell us about your real weaknesses?

Forcing a job interviewer is one of the difficult moments during the interview. But they, like you, want the conversation to proceed smoothly. They also become uncomfortable when you encounter an obstacle.

According to career expert Linda Matias, the best thing to do when you are asked about your weakness is to tell the truth. However, you do not have to reveal all your weaknesses. The smartest thing to do is this. You need to talk about your weakness that won’t stop you from doing the job. You should also say that you are trying to improve this aspect.

Human Resources experts know that candidates do not respond very enthusiastically to this unpleasant question. Therefore, they try to answer this question in various ways and questions.

Smartly asked questions (your weakness)

  • We all have tasks that we do not want to do in our work. What are the responsibilities that you do not like in your daily life? The interviewer uses (we) language to make the other person feel comfortable. So he thinks that you will create a friendly environment and reduce your defense.
  • Consider your last performance interview with your manager. What were the areas you should develop? You’ve done performance interviews in your old job. An HR specialist is sure to know that you need to discuss the aspects you need to develop in these meetings. This way he wants to know your weaknesses in your last assessment.
  • Can you tell us about a project that does not work as you expected? HR experts know this very well. That the candidate could be more relaxed and clear when asked to tell a story or event. The more you talk, the more you think you will reveal your direction.
  • Which area do you think could be more efficient in your work? This is a very similar question (What is your weakness?). However, HR experts think that you will feel less threatened by the way the question is asked. So, they think you can respond more easily.

Whether or not you want to provide sensitive information during a job interview, the interviewer will do his or her best to get this information. Be prepared.


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