How to Leave Work?

How to Leave Work?
How to Leave Work?

You want to quit your job, you know you can do better, but somehow you can’t take your courage and take that big step. Here’s what you need to do. You’re waiting for a boring and ordinary day in the office, and then waiting for the elevator to arrive, and you’re saying the following:

I’m better than this, and I’m done with this job, and I’m going back.

When you reach the lobby with the elevator you dream that this is your last day. You entered your manager’s office, gave up your letter of resignation, cleaned your table, left. You show a half-sympathetic smile to your old colleagues who are trapped. When you go downstairs with the elevator, the dream ends, you actually leave the job tomorrow, not tomorrow!

Does this story look familiar to you? Generally, many people from different professions and age groups experience this situation. How can I ignore the way that the employee with this idea can overcome the obstacles that leave the job? He asks questions like this every day.

Here is the solid truth. Deciding to quit is the first act of a very long mental chess match that you sometimes play with yourself. It should not surprise you that 70 percent of employees choose to stay in jobs they hate.

The reasons why people cannot leave their jobs are generally beyond the predicted. In fact, taking risks is much less effective with new areas of professionalism than with finance. The real obstacle is only our own psychology. We think of some decisions too much. Fear of failure, taking priority in the near term, not thinking about things that will bring long-term success push us to count in our place. But how do they manage to overcome this psychological barrier? How do they manage to leave their jobs?

You should consider long-term when you leave work

Leave your job for a long-term victory. Never focus on short-term gains. For the first step, you need to revise your career goals and imagine the next steps that will change your life. Because studies suggest that short-term steps are likely to be condemned to similar positions.

You want a short holiday, but you can’t program it.

You’ve argued with your boss on many issues and you can’t deal with your boss.

Because the weight of daily work crushes you and you can’t handle stress anymore.

For reasons similar to these, it is not logical to leave work. Focus on the career mountain where you want to go out in a five-year period instead of mind-confusion. You need to figure out what kind of a road it will be and what you need to do. It is important to remember that every career step may bring you closer to your true passion. How many times do you have the chance to quit your life?

Don’t wait for the days marked on the calendar to quit the job

If you want to quit the job, you have to understand the importance of timing. For example, let’s look at an analyst who is waiting for his first year to end. After leaving the job properly and left for a year in my resume left the mark. However, you should also be careful about the details that will deter you from your destination. Do not choose to buy any promotion, bonus and raise if you are dreaming of receiving them. After you get a bonus, you can look much softer against that job and put your main wishes into the background. You can find yourself working in the same job until the next time, even without realizing it.

Resign with respect and quietly

Writing a dramatic sentence about leaving your work on social media can be enjoyable. But please stop the announcements until things get right. Choose to stay behind. The job changes risks for both sides. Believe it will be spread very quickly if there is a failed result. You don’t want your friends and friends to gossip behind you. Wait until you adjust to your new job or put your work to work. Thus, prevent social pressure on you. Notify your friends face-to-face after you’ve set things right. Do not comment on the workplace where you leave. Do your best to have a break with a smiling face and respect!


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