How to Conduct an Effective Dismissal Interview?

How to Conduct an Effective Dismissal Interview?
How to Conduct an Effective Dismissal Interview?

If you’re an employee, I’m getting out of work anyhow, what kind of dismissal interview can you say? You can say that if you are an administrator or an employer, this employee will leave my place of work and it cannot help me anymore. These are false thoughts. Because, the most current person you can add in your CV is our current manager. On the company side, it is important to investigate why this employee has left. Companies can be diagnosed early in a disturbance, communication problem, lack of social facilities. In this way, they can continue to keep the employees who are grown as a result of great efforts in their companies. Companies have now begun to give importance to employee engagement.

Today, global competition (human resources) has changed the concept. Because, institutions now focus on the concept of talent management. It has also become important to ensure that the employee, who is as good as choosing the best in recent years, remains in the company. For this reason, the exit procedure entered business life as a new policy. Thus, companies understood why the current employee was dismissed and understood that he could find solutions to the problems more easily.

Apply to all positions in the company

The reasons for leaving work are usually the same. Some of these reasons are as follows. First of all, there may be dissatisfaction with salaries. Besides, it is possible that there is a communication problem or social facilities limited to the manager or colleague. As a result, businesses need to find the right solutions for these problems and implement them systematically.

Sufficient time should be given in the exit interview

So, this time should be at least 30 minutes. Thus, the HR specialist has the opportunity to ask many questions to the island during the interview. The answers of the candidate can be used to produce solutions. In fact, a survey related to the exit can be prepared. Thus, the HR expert process can obtain more systematic information.

What to do in an employee exit interview

If employees are prepared in a job interview, this should be prepared in the same way. Employees who transfer the reasons of their exit to the manager in a short, understandable and sincere manner have completed their last duties. Both sides should not be stuck in the problems of the past. Because, the communication established by keeping calm, prevents the tension between the employee and the manager. Thus, the two sides can turn the negotiation, which is thought to be negative and inefficient, on behalf of its own interests.

The person who quit his job should keep in mind the possibility of being unemployed again.

The positive reference of the manager at the current workplace can support the candidate throughout his career. The former employee may be asked to ask the manager whether his performance or his opinions are sufficient in the interview. If he understands that there are positive ideas, he can ask for reference.

Exit interviews become widespread

The results of the surveys confirm that the number of companies making the exit interview is high.

The ratio of the enterprises that have quitted their employment increases both in the exit interview and in the survey. Only those who perform the exit interview with their employees are more likely, but only those who do the survey application are less.

What are the benefits of dismissal interview?

* Provides improvements within the company.

* Provides the emergence of the causes of employee circulation.

* Working conditions can be improved

* Demonstrates the need for training and development

* Company problems appear more clear

* Collecting information from employees



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