How Much Do Nurses Make in America?

How Much Do Nurses Make in America?
How Much Do Nurses Make in America?

There are a lot of questions about this. Everybody wants to know the numbers. Is it worth spending so much time to be a nurse in America, spending money and labor?

You can say, yes, it is worth it. Even the employees who have been working for a few weeks are satisfied with the conditions. Our samples were taken from the citizens of the developing central European countries.

Respectful of nursing in America, you can easily find work. Also, those professions can make good money. Working conditions are generally very good. Career options are also high.

How Many Hours does Nurse Work in the America ?

The US average is 32 hours per hour, 5600 per month and 68 thousand dollars per year. Of course, these figures vary widely according to professional experience, expertise, certification, work environment and state. Average wages are much higher for California than for the most expensive state in America. However, since living costs and taxes are higher in California, the income and income balance should be evaluated accordingly. So, someone who earns $35 an hour in Texas can get a better standard of living than someone who gets $55 in California.

To understand the hourly rate, we can do the following. You’re in a job that pays 35 bucks an hour. The normal weekly work is usually 36 or 40 hours. Salaries are generally paid in 2 weeks. In this case, if you work for 72 hours in 2 weeks 35 × 72 = 2520 dollars will be earned. This figure is usually added at noon and evening and night premiums taken after 7pm. Your income will be taxed once the health insurance and pension premiums have been deducted from the last figure. But federal taxes in America are very low. If you are married and have children, your tax will be even less.

Suppose you are a nurse

To give such an example, a nurse pays about 16% tax on his salary. The fee is around 2000 dollars. You can calculate your monthly salary by multiplying the fee by 2.15 since you are paid every two weeks. In this case, you have 2000 × 2.15 = 4300 dollars monthly earnings. This is a good salary for Texas. In general, nurses earn a little more than that.

36 hours per week compared to the conditions in many countries remain very little. In the United States, nurses are usually able to do overtime or additional work in other institutions or agencies. In both cases, the hourly wage is normally higher than the one provided. In short, it is possible to add 500-1500 dollars to your income with 12 hours additional work 1-2 times a month.

To summarize, 

Factors affecting the salary of nurses are:

  • Vocational education (associate, diploma, bachelors, etc.)
  • How experienced are you (someone with a new graduate and five years of experience will not work for the same money)
  • Specialization area (intensive care, oncology, operating room, etc.)
  • The type of institution to work (large hospitals give better wages than minors)
  • Single, married, having children (taxes are very much changed)
  • In which province you live (some states receive state taxes other than federal tax)
  • Shifts worked (night bonuses are generally high)
  • Doing overtime (usually over 1.5 times after 40 hours)

For now, we are going to share this issue. There may be details that you think are incomplete and wrong. You can send your questions or corrections as comments or messages. People who read our article can work in their profession in the countries where they are better. Compared to a developing European country, the attractiveness of working in America depends on the difference between conditions.


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