How Many Hours a Week is a Full Time Job

How Many Hours a Week is a Full Time Job
How Many Hours a Week is a Full Time Job

How Many Hours Per Week Work?

When the Labor Laws in force in the world are examined, the method of determining the working time is similar. Accordingly, when determining the working time, the way of determining monthly or daily is not selected. Instead, it determined the working time on a weekly basis. Working time; It is important for issues such as overwork and overtime. What is the weekly working time for workers?

Weekly working time

Weekly working time is 45 hours maximum. This means that the weekly working time of the worker can be determined for a maximum of 45 hours. Therefore, the weekly working time can be set below 45. There is no legal obstacle. However, if the employment contract or the collective bargaining agreement has not been determined for a shorter period of time, the working time of the worker is considered to be 45 hours.

Can working time be determined over 45 hours?

As a rule, this is not possible. However, in practice, more than 45 hours per week can be worked out by paying for the excess work done by the worker. As it is known, the work of the worker over 45 hours per week is considered as overtime. In addition, the employee is paid an overtime fee of one and a half hour’s fee for each hour of overtime work.

What does part time and full time mean?

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Operating time less than 45 hours

This is also possible. In fact, the Labor Code has set a maximum time of 45 hours. However, such a work system must be clearly included in the work contract or in the workplace regulations. It must also be communicated to the worker.

After summarizing the subject, we want to conclude

If no specific working time is foreseen in the employment contract, the worker’s weekly working time is 45 hours. According to this; Overtime workers who work more than 45 hours per week are paid overtime. That is, a fee of 50% is charged for each hour of work over 45 hours. This also means that you pay an overtime fee up to an hour and a half fee.


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