How Many Hours A Day is Full Time ?

How Many Hours A Day is Full Time ?
How Many Hours A Day is Full Time ?

The maximum time the worker can work per day

Even if daily working hours are specified in the workplace, it is possible to work extra hours, especially in cases like order intensity. I have already explained the concept of overwork which may come to pass in such a case, or the general holiday fee that will come to the fore in the event that this work coincides with national holidays and public holidays. But how many hours can a worker work on a day?

What is the study period?

Let us first look at the weekly working hours according to the Labor Code. The duration of the weekly work is determined to be 45 hours at most and it will be divided equally to the full  time days of the week unless otherwise agreed. How many hours per day do you have?

Seven and a half hours a day

In accordance with the Labor Law, workers should be considered to be working six days a week, considering that 24 hours of uninterrupted weekly work should be given to workers at least once a week. So the figure of 7,5, which is divided by sixty-five hours, will give us the daily working time of the worker.

  • Worker who does not want to work in shift
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  • It does not have to work for six days

As mentioned above, there are two main points:

  • If the parties agree, it may not be evenly divided into full time working days of 45 hours a week
  • Weekly holiday can be given 24 hours a lot.
  • If the above two conclusions are natural consequences, it is possible to work 9 hours a day for 5 days a week, for example 11 days a week. That’s where the concept of daily maximum working time comes in.
  • maximum working day
  • Maximum daily working time

According to Article 63 of the Labor Law, the maximum full time working hours day is 11 hours. What this means is shudder: No matter what happens in the workplace, it is not possible for the worker to work more than 11 hours per day. The worker can not be employed for more than eleven hours a day, regardless of the usual overwork or extraordinary overwork. There is no reason why a worker should be working over 11 hours a day.

How Many Hours A Day is Full Time ?

Given the Labor Code and Supreme Court case-law, we see that the limit of the maximum working time of 11 hours per day is set for the worker. This is such a limit that it can not be overcome with no justification.

No matter how many orders that need to be trained in the workplace, the most unexpected developments, even if the worker consents, the maximum daily working time can not exceed eleven hours.

It is important that all employers comply with this limitation, which is brought to mind in the short term, which may lead to job accidents and physical and psychological fatigue in the long run.