How Long Does Learning English?

How Long Does Learning English?
How Long Does Learning English?

Many people who want to learn English wonder how long it will take before they start. In this regard, we have many questions like “How long does it take to learn English?” It is impossible to give a definite answer to this question. In fact, the answer to this question is most up to you.

First of all, let’s just say that learning English is not something that can happen in a few days, weeks or even a few months. However, how regular and hard work you learn so fast.
By using the right techniques and content, one who regularly spends at least one hour of English every day can learn English at medium level in 3-4 months. By intermediate level, we mean the everyday speaking English that you read and listen, and the ability to speak at a basic level.

It may take about 5-6 months to reach the advanced level after middle level. Arriving at the place, it is difficult to make a definite definition of this advanced level. It can take a few years to learn very advanced English at almost the mother tongue level.

The most important issue here is that people are often mistaken about the concept of time. A person who wants to learn English should start as soon as possible and work as regularly as he can. However, this is the biggest obstacle for us to postpone and start in some way.
For example, if you started to learn English last year or 6-8 months ago, you would have come to a good level in English now. What it takes to get started and spend an average of an hour and a half hours each day in English. I do not say that you should regret it for things that you have wanted to do before and can not do. But what we said was our ancestors;

“Beginning is half of finishing.”

It is not possible to bring back the past. Because there is no substitute for time and no compensation. Since it is not possible to go to the future and do something, the time we need to focus is the present time. What we do now is the only thing that determines our past and our future. So having a good past and improving our future conditions depends on the actions we have made right now.

The biggest reason why we do not know what we need to do, what we believe we should do, and what we believe we should do, is our procrastination habit. We produce a variety of excuses to ourselves and constantly postpone. After all, after a long time, we come to the point we first said. If I started to learn English 6 months ago, I’m just wondering if I could make great progress now.

The First Condition of Learning English is to Begin

Now is the time to decide. There are 3 options in front of you:

First; assuming that you have never read this article, you can continue your normal life.
Latter; You can decide to start learning English and write it on courses. But instead of suggesting courses that teach you how to teach English through textbooks, you should consider participating in listening and speaking-intensive courses. Otherwise, you can cool down before you leave your learning process. In order to learn English by going to courses that offer quality education, you need to have the right time to go to the course and your financial situation to cover the high course cost.

Your third choice; you can start learning by taking the Comfortable English set, which is designed to help you learn English by listening and talking (question and answer). With our Mp3 listening lessons, you can plan your learning time and location by yourself.

I have explained in detail how you should work in order to make the most of your lessons.

For more information and to start learning English immediately: Check out the Easy English teaching kit page. This set includes, they are designed to start from scratch to learn English and are a bit basic knowledge and those who want to improve their listening, speaking skills.


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