How Important is Foreign Language in Business?

How Important is Foreign Language in Business?
How Important is Foreign Language in Business?

Learning foreign languages ​​for our personal and professional development will add a lot to us. When we know foreign languages ​​and travel abroad, our trip will be much more enjoyable. In our business life, the first condition of getting a job in large companies in national scale is knowing English. It is not enough to know a foreign language to get a job in international companies. So, foreign language is necessary to earn more financially in business life. In addition, it is very important for prestige to work in larger and corporate companies.

In addition, the importance of knowing foreign languages ​​in countries with high unemployment rates is greater. Job opportunities are scarce, but demand is high. The law of supply and demand applies in business life. In order to determine the best, many candidates should be eliminated. The requirement of knowing the language makes it easier to eliminate candidates. As you know, many career sites have a filter system. If you do not have the required features, your resume will never reach the firm.

In this regard, an independent survey company asked questions to employees, job seekers and employers. The questions were answered by approximately 85 thousand people. The results of the survey reveal important figures.

According to the results of the survey; directed to employers;

Do you care about foreign language skills when hiring your employees?

According to the answers given to this question, language is important, but often not the first choice.

– 42% of the employers gave the following answer for their foreign language knowledge. (Yes, it is our most important criterion.)

– The answer given is 41%. (Preference is not primarily important though)

– Only 17% of employers responded (No, not important to us).

In the meantime, the most well-known and most sought-after language by the employers was English.

According to the survey, it is possible to examine the languages ​​that candidates use most in business life.

66% of the candidates can speak English, 13% German, 5% Russian, 6% French, 4% Arabic, 6% other languages.

Do you actively use foreign languages ​​in your business life?

It is another question directed to employees.

42% said (Yes) and the remaining 58% said that they did not use foreign language actively in their business life.

Do you think that your foreign language knowledge is sufficient for your business life?

60% of the employees who answered the question (Yes), 40% (No) is the answer.

The English language has become so global. German and French companies are also able to communicate in English with branches in other countries. For example, in the intranet of a multinational foreign oil company, the language of communication is English. The electronic mail language of giant technology companies such as LG, Philips and Samsung are English. It is an obligation to develop a common language in companies where people from different countries work. World cement giant La Farge communicates with its partners in approximately 90 countries.

At this point, English is the most spoken and learned language in the world.

In conclusion, it can be said that a business life full of success is everyone’s dream. In addition, it is a difficult and time-consuming process. Therefore, do not put aside the language you have learned during your school life. On the contrary, you can improve the language you learn before you go into business life. If you do not have this opportunity, you can get an academic education from a professional institution. This will promote you as an inexperienced new graduate. You will benefit from this challenging process and will help you to have a different world view.


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