How Does an Effective Team Have Features According to Google?

How Does an Effective Team Have Features According to Google?
How Does an Effective Team Have Features According to Google?

Team efficiency is an important issue that is on the agenda of almost every company. The impact of successful teams on effective business results, a peaceful work environment and sustainable company policies is quite large. That’s why Google has just leaned on the subject and sat down with scientists to map out an effective team. Here are the results of the research.

What is the characteristic of an effective team? What are the conditions for productive tools? Which features make a team successful? Google wants to find the answer to these questions, in 2013, led by Abeer Dubey responsible for Human Analysis department is implementing the Aristotle Project. After a short time, it was transferred from Yale to Julia Rozovsky, which was previously described as a brand-new beginning for Google, which spent millions of dollars to understand the features of the perfect team.

Purpose of the research

According to the project, the aim is to find the perfect blend of features that make up the star team. With this goal, more than 180 Google teams are examined for two years and specific and general features are being tried to be identified.


The survey identified more than 250 factors affecting success and failure, but a model that does not fully explain it can be found.

According to the results, the processes and people differ even in similar teams.

It can be understood that even knowledge about friendship, strong management, personal interests, gender and endurance cannot provide a clear insight.

Specifically identified determinations

It turns out that a few senior employees are less important than the collective success of the group.
Group norms are essential for success. These norms appear to be composed of non-written rules.
It is important how team members work together rather than who they are.

Here are five key effective tooling features in order of importance, according to Aristotle results:

Psychological security

The team should be a place where everyone can express their opinions and take risks by asking questions without question. Here the most important business falls to managers. It is critical that administrators provide protection and provide environments where everyone can deprive the guard by creating safe zones. People who work in psychologically safe environments do not think about leaving the job, they work more comfortably in this environment where they move more easily, and they are successful.


Team members in an effective team definitely rely on each other when it comes to business. When everyone is not there, the other is doing their job, no one drags each other into difficult situations. This is reinforcing trust.

Structure and clarity

The fact that teams have a well-defined role in their effectiveness is also a very important feature. Everybody knows what he does, what he does and where he’s at. This increases efficiency and motivation and leads to high performance.


Another effective feature is to have a meaningful meaning and to be aware of the meaningful results of the business. Employees who think that they have a meaningful job are better at becoming a team, more durable and productive.


It is well known that individual success or failure in good teams affects other team members. Individual success strengthens the team as well as encouraging other individual achievements. Failure of the team will damage the spirit of the team is definitely under review and the reasons are being investigated and solutions are developed to prevent realization.


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