How Do You Think Other People Define You?

What it means: The question can also be asked in the following ways: Do you find yourself creative? How many organizations are you? Can you say that you are particularly good at managing people? Do you like managing people?

This question often gives very clear clues about a competence they are looking for. In most cases, this is a fraudulent question and is very focused on a particular issue. These kinds of questions are often asked if you have demonstrated your resilience on that issue or if it has been stated several times in your CV.

How to answer: 

When you are supposed to look for the feature addressed in the question, indicate that you have these features and provide examples to support it.

-Yes, I can say that I am an organized person. For example, I spend the first 15 minutes every morning by planning the day, and in the evening, I spend 15 minutes to adapt what I learned during the day to the future plans.

Avoid overstating your abilities and don’t look arrogant. If you’re not, don’t make yourself look like the best manager in the world or a creative genius. The best way to highlight your skills without boasting is to strive.

-I like to work with my team, push them and help them succeed both beyond the company and their expectations.

Another good way to show this is to show how others think you have the desired skills.

-Our general manager told me last week that he liked the creative approach I took during the last crisis.

Some features may be very useful and sometimes not good. You can show that you have qualifications and also know when you should use these qualifications.

-Yes, I can say that I can be very creative when the situation requires.


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