Great Business Ideas, Watch and Learn

Great Business Ideas, Watch and Learn
Great Business Ideas, Watch and Learn

An Interesting Cyclist Helmet 

The newly established company, Park & ​​Diamond, will eliminate cyclists’ prejudice and objections to the helmet. For this, they designed the helmet in the form of a baseball cap. This helmet, which looks also compatible with daily clothes, distinguishes itself with its stylish appearance. An ideal choice for cyclists looking for a comfortable and stylish option. We would like to remind you that it started selling on Indiegogo site.

Electric Refrigerator 

Yuma 60L Yuma 60L is a handy material that can be used in the absence of electricity. It is very suitable for use in camps, picnics, natural disaster areas. It doesn’t have a fan, although it doesn’t keep it cold as long as a normal fridge, it’s really effective. With this product, you can keep food fresh 5 times longer in a refrigerator-free place. Designed for easy transport, the product can be installed in 20 seconds. It uses the sweating ability of the human body to cool off. PhaseTek technology uses the heat energy of food to evaporate the water in the tank.

Watering Plants at Home Smart Phone Application

The amount and periods of watering of the plants you own is changing with increasing plant variety. With a few days’ neglect, you can cause the death of your flowers. Dryp’s smartphone app actually works as a reminder. You enter the information of your plants into the system. It reminds you when to water and lists the next watering times. The application is offered to users on Android and iOS platform.

Multi-Purpose Outdoor Comforter 

Kammok’s new Bobcat outdoor quilt has very original features. This product immediately distinguishes itself from the others with its new features. You can take it and warm up. You can also spread your hammock and lie on it. Either way, it helps keep you warm. Because it has a very interesting connection system. The duvet, which reaches the size of a small bag when collected, is very easy to carry. The comforter is thermally insulated and lightweight. It also has waterproof feature. All these features take this quilt a step further than its peers.


The name of the product is Snowfeet. This product was created by combining skate and skiing. The ski borders are placed on the base and the original use is improved. You can slow down your speed and maneuver with the help of the heel brakes. It is light to carry and can be used with all shoes. The expandable mechanism offers great comfort for the user to adapt to the shoe.

Smart Phone Balance Ring 

The atomic balance device minimizes camera shake while on the move. There are keys on the product that looks like a selfie stick. The angle of the phone can be changed with these keys. There is also the possibility to wear a lens. Very small size makes it easy to carry. The accessory can carry a weight of up to 310 grams. Thus, it is not difficult for the user to carry this product. On the contrary, with a weight of 410 grams, it is pleasant to use and easy to carry.



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