General Interview Questions

General Interview Questions

In interviews, which are a very stressful subject for both the candidate and the interviewer, the input speeches should be quite sincere and eliminate the cold air that appears. A short, intimate conversation at the beginning of the interview will enable both parties to exchange information more efficiently.

The way to ensure this is that the interviewer has given time to the interviewer for a type of conversation with or without a direct relationship to the interview. This is the most effective way to eliminate stress in both sides.

You can start this type of conversation as a candidate, but in our country more interviewers are observed. As a candidate, you should not approach the following questions in a negative way. Below are some examples of questions that will provide the following:

  1. Did You Have Difficulty Finding Our Address / Office, How Was Your Journey?

It is the most common type of question during the interview. Even if you’ve had trouble finding the address, don’t transfer it to the other side. You may have been interviewed from a different city and your journey may have been bad. Indicating that you do not have any problems will help to soften the already stressful environment. If you are late for an interview, make sure you apologize and give a brief explanation.

  1. I saw that you are interested in your resume that … sports (or any topic), when did you start doing this?

When you encounter such a question, be careful not to go into detail, as the prolongation of the answer to such a question will give you less time to focus on the real issues.

  1. I saw you finished … University in your resume, Do you know … professor?

It is a common question. The interviewer poses this type of question because he thinks that common acquaintances are more effective to create a more intimate environment. If you don’t know the person you’re talking about, don’t tell me you know it, you can be embarrassed.

  1. Would you like to smoke or drink something hot / cold? ..

Hospitality is one of most important features in too many country. And offering something is considered the best way to show our hospitality. However, smoking in a professional job interview is not much preferred and welcome. If you do not smoke, the offered cigarette will give you information about whether the company is smoking or not. It is in your best interest to reject other things that are quite delicately. Imagine that the most important moment of the interview was that your arm hit the tea cup and poured over your suit. In addition, accepting anything served during the interview will cause your interest to dissipate and therefore reduce your interview performance.

You Should Also Pay Attention to The Following Types of Questions


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