Full Time Student and Full Time Employee

Full Time Student and Full Time Employee
Full Time Student and Full Time Employee

11 Paths to Student in Full Time and Simultaneous Full Time Employee

Trying to work full time student  while going to the full time employee can be quite difficult. You’re fighting classes, homework, work, social life and being smart.

Is it possible to work full time and work full time? Is the earbud crazy? It is like a recipe for full and hot burnout, then leaves school. Only crazy people could work and try to work full time.


Whether you believe it or not, many people have joined the school very successfully and have been on a full time job. These people are not crazy. They have friends, social life and even families. They left Yanmadılar or deep soda.

How did they do that? Do they discover a time-lapse method that allows them to quickly move between locations?


They were just so smart and disciplined. They use some very specific methods.

You can do whatever you want. 11 ways to work and work full time at the same time without being completely mad.

Method # 1: Focus On The Endgame

This is not an important reminder. When a full time course runs and works, things go crazy. You feel overwhelmed from time to time, and you wonder why you prefer to do both at the same time. You can even find yourself wanting to leave work, school, or both.

At that moment, you have to remember the last game. You work and work at the same time, so you can balance some student loans. Or you support your family when you get a degree. Or you like your job and you still want to go to school.

When things get tough, keep these in front of your mind. Take a breath and remember the big ones, “Why?”

Method #2: Improve Your Reading Speed

Perhaps the biggest challenge when working and working full time is keeping up with all the reading. It is not uncommon to load hundreds of pages each week and it becomes harder to do everything after a prime time has passed.

A special technique is to increase your reading speed. Most people do not realize that they are reading very slowly and there is a lot of room for improvement. By applying a few simple techniques, you can dramatically increase both your speed and your understanding.

Method #3: Utilize Vacation Periods

Three friends talking at a restaurant

Depending on your job, you may spend longer holiday periods, such as during summer months or holidays. This is especially true if you are working as a teacher.

Take advantage of these halls to get more training or to move further than normal. Some colleges offer even accelerated courses during holidays or semesters. Taking these accelerated courses will help you get credit more quickly.

Method #4: Carefully Break Up Your Reading/Studying

One of the biggest challenges of working and full time working is managing the heavy workload. You need to plan carefully when and how you will work. A powerful way to manage your workload is to systematically dissect your readings and work with carefully proportional periods.

For example, if you have 200 pages to read in two weeks, calculate how many working hours you will have in the next two weeks. If you have ten hours in the present, you must read at least 20 pages per hour to complete your assignment. If you can not read it that fast, you need to spend more time working with your program.

Separating reading / working from small, manageable pieces saves you from panic mode when you have to read hundreds of pages at a time.

Method #5: Take Full Advantage Of Your Commute

Rent a car on an open road

Unless you work from home, you probably go to work to get a job. Most adults go to a job for at least 20 minutes, with some taking longer. When you go to work, it’s perfect to do some of your work. Here are some simple ways to do this:

Put study materials on the flash cards, and watch them when you come to the stop lamps (NOT WHILE DRIVING!).
Download audio versions of your textbooks and listen while driving.
If you are working on an intense topic such as sound, identify yourself with words and phrases. Then listen as you drive.
Record your lessons using your smartphone and listen as you drive. To get information faster, you can listen at 1.5x speed.
Do not waste your departure. It’s time to help you with a range of non-evocative, but profoundly speaking, stuffed with speech radio or music in general.

Method #6: Maximize Every Spare Minute

There are many times during the day when the minutes are over. Waiting for the doctor to wait in the office, wait at the grocery store, or take your child to the school. These moments can be easily converted into micro study sessions.

Here are some simple ways to do this:

Take flash cards with you everywhere. If you do not want to carry it around, take your photos with your smartphone and use them to read them.
Use your smartphone. For example, medical students

Method # 7: Multi-Tasking During “Non-Brain” Activities

It’s a bad idea to try multi-tasking while you’re working. It’s hard not to focus on two things at the same time. However, during the day there are many “brainless” activities such as cooking, exercising, bathing places (serious) or gardening.

Use these events to get extra work time. Keep a stack of flashcards close to the bathroom. Listen to audio conferences in the gym. Studying memorization while cooking dinner.

Small moments are attending to the above point. If you can not find large, uninterrupted run-time blocks, put small piles on top of each other.

Method # 8: Choose Your Victim

A hand that shows a screen on the remote control to select the media to be watched

In order to work and work successfully on a full time basis, you will have to make some sacrifices. Every day, consider making a sacrifice that will help you achieve your goal. Choose not to give up something that will affect you and will not affect others.

For example, instead of watching television for an hour, then use it to study. Instead of spending 40 minutes on social media, spend 40 minutes examining the working conditions. Do not give up on things like family time or exercise, since you have a critical job-to-life balance. On the contrary, just give up what affects you.

Method # 9: Plan a strategic work day

Plan a strategic working day before large tests to avoid overstressing. If possible, take one day off work to observe all the materials covered by the test. If you can not get a day off from work, use it on Saturday.

Taking at least one strategic study day prior to a test will significantly reduce your stress level and ensure success.

Method # 10: Utilizing Proven Efficiency Methods

The key to success when working and running full time is productivity. You should learn the art of being productive when you have it. For this purpose, consider examining the proven efficiency methods as follows:

Construction of Works (GTD)
Stephen Covey
Eisenhower Matrix
You do not have to read books to get an idea of ​​these productivity methods. There are many free videos and articles to guide you.

Method # 11: Keep Your Manager in Cycle

Two professionals who are watching information on a desktop computer monitor

Unless you are your own boss, you need to update your manager in your work schedule. Most managers will support your efforts as long as you stay up-to-date with your progress and progress.

Make sure you tell your boss:

If you need some time for training.
If you are going to spend time early or late.
If there are possible interferences in your work schedule.
Method # 12: Think Online Courses
Online courses may be ideal for someone who wants to work full time and work. You do not have to go to and from a campus, and you can usually watch lessons according to your own comfort, as long as you complete all the assignments on time.

Online courses offer the flexibility to make balancing work and study work in many traditional campuses much easier.

Undoubtedly, full time work and work will be difficult, but can be done. Your time requires the strategic use of your self-sacrifice and self-sacrifice, but if you are prepared to try hard, you can be successful.

As mentioned at the beginning, consider the last game. It is very difficult but the result is great.


Online degree programs are an excellent choice for someone who is especially busy balancing an intensive program. Time management becomes easier when you choose to grade and complete your assignments. With PGS online degree programs, it’s that easy to work full time and full time.