Full-time occupations that you can do business by holiday

Full-time occupations that you can do business by holiday

You are constantly dreaming of a holiday but getting permission from the workplace is difficult. You are also full-time business on holiday because the office work is not over … Or, as always, postponing is always your holiday.

The choice of profession is very important for those who enjoy traveling and seeing new places. If the office environment is not for you and you cannot afford to spend too much on your travels, this list is for you! Because it’s possible to full-time business while traveling… It is not a dream to go out on a world tour, for those whose professions are suitable for this situation.

Cabin Officer

It is the easiest way to work and see many places as cabin officer. When you go on long flights, you can stay in the best hotels. When the flight time is convenient, visiting the place you go is also the most attractive part of the job.


Of course, we are not talking about desktop publishing. When you are sent a message, it’s your time left after your job is done. Moreover, the places you are going to visit are not restricted to the domestic ones. If you are an important meeting abroad or sports correspondent, you can be sent to an important competition. Finish your work and see the pleasure.

Wedding photographer

Maybe it’s the happiest profession in the world. Everyone around you is always laughing and you are photographing those moments. In doing so, you make money and you can travel as long as your ability is.

When the reputation of your photo’s spreads, you may have customers who take you many times to cover all your costs so you can take the photos.


It is one of the most entertaining and most professions you can travel. If you are working in a multinational company, you can go to offices in different cities. As a special day organizer, you can see many places.

Since there is a business that needs to be dealt with in detail, you can find many occasions to travel for the same organization. So, you will be gone for your work, and the time remaining will be yours.


If you like to dance and dance, you can take it out of a hobby and turn it into a profession. Even if you develop yourself and become a dancer of a famous singer who organizes a concert tour in Europe, your profession will be much more entertaining.

Apart from these, you can also be a coach, an advisor and a pilot. Tour guides are among the ‘Best Jobs You Can Work With’.

Most Fun Full-time job “Holiday Guide”

It is the person who takes local and foreign tourists to places worth seeing in the country and gives them detailed information about the historical, cultural, natural and other beauties of these regions and helps solve the problems of the tourists.

You do not have to take a vacation at this point, you do business… Or you are not doing business, you are vacationing.

Vacation Guide Tasks

Visas, passports, customs etc. during the foreign tourists’ entry to country
or foreign tourists visiting abroad. helping tourists in health documents, exchange and foreign exchange transactions, credit cards, communication, etc. Sickness, injury, death etc. tourists visit the museums, historical buildings, antique cities, natural beauty places and introduce the properties of these places,
Tourists take in places where they can recognize cultural products such as country meals, folk songs, music, etc. They make first aid when needed during sightseeing. In this way, he unwittingly makes a holiday


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