For Those Who Want to Make Money by Doing Additional Work

For Those Who Want to Make Money by Doing Additional Work
For Those Who Want to Make Money by Doing Additional Work

On the one hand, there are a lot of people who earn $ 1,000, $ 2,000, or even $ 5,000 a month, while continuing their regular work.

But first of all, imagine you earned an extra $ 1,000 a month

Are you excited? Is there any increase in your confidence in yourself? Do you feel safe because you have a security network and you can increase your additional income?What do you want to do with your money? Do you resign from your regular job after saving enough money? Are you going on vacation for a month? Pay your home loan? Take your friends to dinner? You spend your money on what you love? Whatever we do with our extra money, we all have to answer a similar question: How do we start?
The easiest way to find the first profitable business idea is to share a part of the system, including two problems that reduce people’s profits and the Bag Technique.

What you need to know about earning extra money?

Making extra money allows you to work on interesting projects and set your wages or working hours the way you want. You don’t have to worry about your financial situation any more.

Some of us have been making efforts for years. We’re wasting time on products or services that people don’t want to take. We don’t know how to attract money customers and we’re wasting a lot of time on social media platforms.

But successful people know what to do at every step. Those people immediately know which actions a waste of time are. They analyze how they can benefit from advantages when the event is to make money. They know how to prevent any possible disadvantages.

Advantages and disadvantages of earning extra money

Potential advantages of earning extra money
– Easy to operate. You don’t need to be the best of the world or at least better than most people.
– Because most business fees are standard, it’s easy to price your business.
– Income is very clear and easy to follow.
– You decide when you want to work and who you want to work with.
– If you want to take control, you can resign from your full time job at any time.

Potential disadvantages of earning extra money
– It takes time to determine which skills people will pay for.
– If you do not know how to negotiate, it is difficult to increase hourly wages.
– Making extra money is easier than many people think, but you still need to invest in time.
– You have to find a way to get fixed customers and fixed income.

One of the most common problems is that entrepreneurs cannot determine which profitable skills they have.

What service can you offer?

We are all experts in at least one field or better than other people. Have you helped your parents solve a computer-related problem? You may not be an expert on computers, but your parents think you are a magician.
You don’t have to be the best in the world. However, you have to be better than other people who need your help.

Ask yourself the following questions

What skills do you have?
What kind of advice are your friends getting from you?
Think about the sites you follow, what are their type? (For example: computer, fashion, sports, business)

Many people give up their dream of earning extra money for some reason

Some of these reasons are as follows.
– I’m bad about finding personal finance.
– I’m not an expert in finding business ideas.
– I don’t know what people spend for.

How can you be sure?

You can’t be sure until you test your mind. (I don’t think people will spend money for my product or service. My idea is strange!)
You might think so. But people are making very good money with strange ideas. No one wastes money on your product or service unless you solve their problems. However, if you solve their problems, they will line up to receive service from you.

How can you transform your skills into something that people spend money on?
We all have skills. Remember the number one marketing rule. Nobody cares about you, and people always think about themselves. Provide a service. Solve a customer’s problem or provide something they can use.

To make sure you provide a valuable service, you need to make a statement as follows.
– I can help you so you can benefit

Here are a few examples of how you can turn your skills into service
– Let’s say you’ve decided to provide a good web and web design service in Photoshop and HTML. But remember that your customers don’t care about web design. They just want a website that will affect their customers. And as a result, what they care about is to increase sales as a result of this reliability. This may seem easy, but customers often do not link service and benefit.

Many people ask. I’m good at this, is there anything I can do for you? However, there is something they overlook. They do not explain clearly what problem they have solved. Their loss can be your gain, because now you know what people care about.

Has your opinion passed the test? (I can help you) Great! Now you can explore how to make money by focusing on the right actions.

Why do some people never make money even though they do additional work?

Many people who want to be entrepreneurs are rowing for many months or years. They’re trying a lot of simple tactics. When these tactics don’t work, they give up and blame themselves

The main problem here is that bloggers who don’t have much work experience give bad advice. For example:

– Start by opening the blog! Create good content, you will earn money one day!
– Create a website and do a little search engine optimization. This way, your traffic will always increase!
– Do something unique and eye-catching as you prepare viral video to gain followers!
– Enter the forums and help, ask questions, get involved and see what happens!

Successful people have a different approach. Instead of trying everything and seeing what works, they build a system. They have a plan that guides them to find the first profitable business idea, identify their target audience and find profitable customers.

Using complex marketing strategies prevents you from finding customers to pay for your service or product. Fortunately, you don’t need complex marketing strategies. There is a better way to eliminate unnecessary steps. Reach customers directly. This is easier than you think.

All you need is 3 customers to spend money on your product or service

Why 3 Customers? Your first customer can be your grandmother. The second customer can be a friend. The third customer may be an unexpected person. But what’s important here is that your three customers will spend money on your product or service.

You’ve learned what kind of service you can offer to people. It’s time to find out where to find the right people and how to talk to them.

Please note that you have found that 3 customers have spent money for your service. You need to make sure of that.

Find people you can help
Many people who want to generate additional income offer general services. Writing general articles, fitness training and computer repair … Then they complain that people do not notice them. But others understand the problems of their customers and customers. And they never complain about the competition or falling prices.

Let me give you an example: Let’s say you’re a 30-year-old information technology specialist who doesn’t have time to worry about stressful and big projects.

Which of the two people would you choose to help you?

An efficiency consultant who helps people of all ages and from every occupational group, from college students to teachers and retirees – $ 40

10 years worked in the information technology industry. An efficiency consultant who will share systems, tips and strategies that will help you complete major projects and optimize productivity. Since it has expertise in information systems, it works only with informatics and costs $ 80.

It would make more sense to pay double the number two to the consultant because it will solve your problem.

Here’s how to find these people

First, narrow the market. Do not bother with people aged 18-34 who know how to use computers and who spend time on YouTube and Facebook. Narrow the market. You can do this with age, location, interests, income level, and more.

Then find out where they go when they have problems.

If you want to do something about pets, visit the pet shops or parks nearby. So you can contact pet owners.

If you want to serve a healthy diet, talk to people going to yoga classes or gyms.

Reach people who want to benefit from your service

Once you have identified your target audience, you will need to reach your target audience. And this is very easy.

In the past, there were cold selling techniques (sales made by calling random phone numbers from the guide). However, nowadays this technique is thought to cause a loss of time.

Fortunately, you can find your first customers by typing in a few emails and then using your Bag Technique.

Always ask yourself this question. what is their profit?

Imagine drowning thousands of e-mails. An e-mail from someone who talks about himself, is not sure how to help you, and who can’t tell you what to do next. Will you answer the email or delete it?

Here is a strategy to help the other party to attract and respond:

– Compliment the other party
– Show me you know your problem
– Quickly enter the topic
– Show your reliability
– You should mention how you can help

Ask yourself this question at all times, what is their profit?

How can you influence customers using the bag technique?

The bag technique is an advanced negotiating strategy. It is a very clear and unrivaled strategy. That’s why you need to study before you step.

When you hire someone as a business owner, you talk about work. You listen to the candidate, his thoughts and try to understand his skills and personalities in general. If you think they are appropriate, you ask how much they want.

If the person you are using uses the bag technique, it gives you a document that contains information about the company, showing how it can improve and do it.

This is the most convincing document you can get as a business owner or human resources manager. A document that lists a list of problems you know, one of which defines these problems and lists potential solutions.

If you do this, you can separate yourself from 99% of other applicants and take on more responsibility by doing something others don’t.

Are you ready to make money by doing additional business? Good luck!


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