Experience of Bad Job Interview

Experience of Bad Job Interview
Experience of Bad Job Interview

You went to a job interview, the job interview didn’t go the way you expected, and you thought that the impression you had was not going to be positive.

You shouldn’t be upset and pessimistic, they don’t have to hire you, and there’s never been a man who’s been successful with every job interview.

From now on, what you need to do is get yourself together and analyze what’s going on in the interview. Instead of trying to forget what you’ve been through, you have to remember…

Because in an exam, only questions you don’t know show you what’s missing

Your job interview has already gone bad, and it’s over, you have to get out of your feelings and evaluate it logically. The situation you’re in, the mood you’re in, is actually a work experience.

If you use this well, you will increase your chances of success in future interviews. In fact, if you can manage such situations, if you can turn crises into opportunities, then you have turned a bad job interview in your favor.

You have to find negative points about the interview

Okay, the job interview went badly, it’s your opinion. However, you may not be able to fully define the word “bad ” because you are comparing it to your expectations. Exactly how bad it was, what’s wrong with it?

You can get it from the person who is in the interview or from an interested company official. Companies generally don’t provide information about the negatives of the negotiation, but they will help you if you indicate that it is very important to you and if you are a little lucky.

Take a look at your CV and try to detect errors

Even if you can’t find a mistake in your resume, you should get another opinion from someone you trust. Remember, very small spelling mistakes, even narrative disturbances can create a judgment about you.

You can fool everyone, but yourself … It is impossible

Have you followed the right strategy? Were you ready for the interview? How successful were you under pressure? Did you restrain your excitement? You have to find the appropriate answers by reproducing these questions objectively.

If you can be cruel against yourself, you will get an experience that you can’t believe in a negative job interview. To be able to ask these questions boldly and to be able to answer boldly will increase your self-confidence.

Exercise is really useful, you should not neglect

Create a job interview scenario and bring this scenario seriously with the help of a friend or with the help of a specialist. The more work your friend is going to get help, the higher the practice will be.

You should ask them to criticize you really mercilessly. You can work on your discourses, body language and lack of rhetoric, and you can simplify the job interview in your own world. This will reduce the pressure on you.

You must get rid of your frustration

The easiest way to get rid of your disappointment is to share it with the people you love and trust. If there is a positive or negative issue about the job interview, you should evaluate with your loved ones and be born again from your own ashes.

Don’t forget your mistakes are your best teachers. You wouldn’t have learned anything by now, if you had looked at their mistakes and had no experience of their mistakes.


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