English Words Memorization Method

English Words Memorization Method
English Words Memorization Method

The English words and their meanings are one of the most important issues for understanding what we hear and providing fluent speech. Now, we’re going to talk about a more effective and faster method than the English word memorization method you’re used to from the classical education system.

The English words explain the most effective method of memorization. By applying this method, you can handle the vocabulary you need to understand and speak English very effectively and quickly.

I learn English, but I cannot speak at the beginning of the most challenging issues in English words memorization is a shortage. After learning a set of grammar rules that are required at the basic level, you now need to have a good English vocabulary infrastructure to understand the texts you have read daily and the conversations you listen to. So, you have to learn many new words every day.

One of the problems with memorizing English words is the forgotten words quickly. Some English words that you think you have learned in a solid way will be forgotten even after a while. Therefore, the new English words you have learned should be repeated at regular intervals.

There are many computer programs and mobile applications on the market. You may already be using some of them. In this article, we focus on a technique rather than some software or mobile applications.

English Word Memorization

In research, instead of focusing on a single word, it has been shown that focusing on the phrases we call phrase in English gives at least 3-4 times better results.

Learn and repeat the word groups, not the only English words.

Now let’s open it up a bit. When you read an English text or a book, when you see a new English word, learn the meaning of the dictionary from the dictionary, write it with the words next to it, and then do it again. If you write the word alone and try to learn it, your brain cannot find any information to connect to that word, so it cannot make a strong learning. That’s why when you see the same word again, you need to look at the dictionary again and again. Ultimately you can learn an English word and take a very long time to remember it.

Another problem that arises from trying to learn one word is that it doesn’t give you any grammar contribution. But working with the words you will learn in the sentence will also give you the opportunity to learn easy grammar. In this way, without having to study the grammar rules, you will also learn and study the English language.

Rather, to memorize the English word, write and work together with the words (in front and behind) that are used together in the sentence, rather than writing them one by one. So write and learn the phrases or phrases and repeat them this way. Let us summarize the benefits of this study as follows;

  • It allows you to memorize English words 3-4 times faster
  • English words easier to remember, you do not forget for a long time
  • You learn not only words, but grammar
  • You will learn not only the meaning of English words, but also the correct usage.


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