English Job Interview Practical Techniques

English Job Interview Practical Techniques
English Job Interview Practical Techniques

English Job Interview Practical Techniques

In this article you will learn a very important study technique about English job interview. By working with this technique, which is not only in English, but also for job interviews in your language, you will be able to leave a positive impression on employers during the interview.

Preparing for an English Job Interview

Job interviews, as well as English language, even in your own language causes quite a stress and tension. Moreover, it can be even more intimidating if you are doing a job interview in English. You’re too much muscle.

You should think that business negotiations are just like making a presentation. Talking to a group of people, telling yourself or presenting something is a stressful task. But whether it’s a presentation, a job interview or an interview, the pressure it creates on people is the same.

That’s why, in a situation where you are full of excitement and adrenalin, practice can be very useful in presentations and in job interviews. So, if you’re practicing for a job interview, don’t do it when you’re relaxed and calm. For example, some people work in a list of business interview questions from a book or on the internet. They are practicing to answer these questions. But they’re sitting in a very comfortable environment. But when the moment comes, the heartbeats are accelerating, the mouths are dry, and excitement is at its peak.

That’s when you get really nervous, right? You sit at a table, you look at the people and they start asking you questions. What are your strengths? Why do you want to work here? Why hire us? They always ask questions that challenge you.

If you do not practice under pressure and excitement, you cannot perform well in the job interview. The environment and situation you practice should be close to the actual event. Open a moving music to create this exciting and tense situation. Jump, jump, run. Move fast, until you are physically exhausted until you are breathless. Then immediately draw a card from the questions you are preparing for the job interview and read the question and give your answer suddenly.

When you feel tired, your breathing accelerates, your heart rate rises, tell your answer when you feel that excitement and energy in your body. Then repeat this. When you’re excited and nervous, choose one more question and say your answer. Do this again and again and practice your job interview. Prepare your body for exciting and stressful situations. Rather than being directly exposed to stress and tension in a job interview, you will have prepared yourself by experiencing a situation close to this atmosphere.

Rather than saying your best answer to a job interview question in a normal situation, it is very useful to say it in an exciting and active situation. For this, open a rock or roll track or a moving song to speed up your heart.

Perhaps looking at the mirror might be useful. And put your best answer to the question: I am a stable person, never stop, never give up. I’m working on it repeatedly until I figure it out. If I can’t find the solution, go and consult with other people. If I don’t get help from them, I read books. I’ll do everything I can to solve the problem. This is a very powerful interview response.

Giving answers in a strong tone, not in a quiet, quiet tone can be more impressive in a job interview. We practice in this tense environment because we know we can be tense during an interview. That is why you must practice with all your energy.

When answering questions, you must be able to reflect to your tone that you are strong and determined. You must train yourself beforehand. Because if you practice in the comfort of your home, you cannot reflect this determination to your tone during the job interview. In the job interview, your heart will beat faster, your voice will start to shake and even if your sentence is very reasonable, your tone will not give the same effect to your people.

If you’re doing an English job interview, ignore the grammar rules. Don’t worry about making grammar mistakes. Because employers give more importance to energy and determination in your voice, not to this. You should be able to give this energy, determination and passion to your people. This is more important than English grammar or English vocabulary.

You should do a lot of practice for this. If you do this often a few days before a job interview, you prepare yourself well for the interview and do a great job. You can practice with this technique when you make a presentation or a speech in front of a community, not just a job interview. Do this work every day with energy with these strong emotions.

Body Language Education

When you first meet people, your body begins to speak before your words and sentences. According to the results of scientific research, nonverbal communication, body language, constitutes an important part of the first effect on people. If you want to leave a positive impression on people in a job interview, you should pay attention to your body language as well as your sentences, speech style, intonation and emphasis. It is also important to read the body language of the people you meet as well as the messages that your body language gives to the people in front of you. You’ll see that you’re successful if you practice all these things and practice a lot.


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