Do You Have Any Questions?

In the interviews, the employer usually asks questions. However, it is now expected that the candidates will direct the discussion with the questions they will ask. Asking the right questions in the job interview helps you get to know the job better. It also creates a positive impression on the opposite side.

The HR specialist tries to get to know the candidate closely by asking this question. The HR specialist expects to get the most correct answers to the questions it asks, and asks the specific questions selected on this subject. The definitions of job interviews have changed greatly in recent years. Experts now make important determinations from the questions asked by the candidate and measure their knowledge about the job.

In addition to knowing the HR specialist correctly, the questions you will ask during the interview will help you get to know the job better. Thus, you can direct your expectations towards the job. You can also make your choice right.

To ask the right questions

During the interview, you should really ask the right questions according to the job and the industry, not ordinary questions. For this, first, you should have knowledge by researching the company you are going to interview. You can find the correct answers on the subjects such as the sector of the company, its working areas, and expectations regarding the position you are a candidate for. Researching the company makes it easier for you to ask more rational questions during the meeting.

In addition, asking some questions can make a negative impression on the other side. For example, Questions such as job security, vacation, length of working hours are the questions that must be asked in an interview, but without an aggressive expression, without creating a negative opinion on the other side.

What questions should you ask in the interview?

The questions below will give you an idea of ​​the questions you might ask in a job interview in general.

  • Can you give information about the company?
  • How many people work in the company; how many people work in the department where I am a candidate?
  • What is the priority features you are looking for in the candidate?
  • Is this position a newly opened position? Was there anyone working on this task before?
  • Are you considering expanding the department?
  • What are your predictions about the future of this mission?
  • How do you make your performance evaluations?
  • What are your expectations and goals from me in this task?
  • Are there educational opportunities? Is it supported to attend the trainings?
  • How will the interview process proceed? How soon is it planned to be completed?
  • How long will I be expected to start if I am hired?


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