Cycle of Change in Business

There are areas that need to be developed not only by individuals but also by institutions, and there is a great deal of responsibility for the managers who will carry out this development.

The areas that we need to improve in our business life are at the individual level and at the team level. What are the areas we need to develop individually? So, it varies greatly from person to person. We see ourselves as incompetent in terms of communication skills, public speaking, problem-solving skills and empathy.

There are invisible rules that are embedded in the corporate culture, but not written in a short time by everyone working there. We see that these are habits and ways of doing business. Teams form individuals. As the behavior of these individuals’ changes, the harmonious behavior of the teams will also change.

There are problems in the workplace such as fear culture, lack of communication, resistance to change, bureaucratic mode of work, managers’ management, and fierce competition.

What is Fear Culture?

In some institutions, the hierarchy was built with thick walls. Employees are afraid of the people they report and even fear. So, this fear system runs from the lowest level employee to the highest-level CEO. This is felt by everyone and reflected in the way they do all the work. Closes creative ideas. It prevents employees from expressing their thoughts freely.

How to break down the fear culture?

To break down the fear culture, managers need to strengthen their communication with the employees. Also, open culture should be supported in the company. Work can be started by reminding that all kinds of issues can be spoken. Employees must feel that they are not judged for their opinions and that they are valuable for the organization. No idea is not crazy or absurd as no problem is stupid. If there is uncertainty in an employee’s mind, there are other things that are unclear in their minds. The new idea is perhaps the only one you thought. Perhaps similar ideas await to mature in the minds of others. It may be the beginning of big projects that one can make that first idea.

Extensive work can be achieved within team culture. Steps should be taken to actively involve employees in meetings. So, defeating fear culture will not be easy. With the support of the managers and employees, it is possible to destroy fear and create an atmosphere of trust. There will be disagreements and discussions in the places where ideas are spoken, and questions are answered. In this case, the leaders should wear the moderator hats. Also, they should give everyone the right to speak and should focus on eliminating frictions in a civilized way.

The solution for the communication problem is simple: Dialogue

Communication is solved by communicating. Traditional communication consists of face-to-face communication. Suppose you see the face and gestures of the person you want to communicate with. You know what he says, what he really means. Hearing your colleague’s desk, talking face to face and listening to what you say will make great progress. So, you have to remember that we have two ears of mouth during these conversations. We should not neglect to listen to ourselves.

Break the resistance to change

Resistance to change is common in the bony staff of many organizations. Many experienced managers do not accept different methods, that their procedures are correct. They see innovation proposals as criticisms. In addition, the change is costly, bringing about the risk of failure. The world we live in has come to the present day as a result of changes, movements; change is inevitable. The concrete, measurable benefits of change should be assessed while still in the decision phase. Also, it is shared with all employees at the implementation stage. In this way, the painful processes of change become tolerable for the benefits. So, when you bring suggestions for change, use the data and describe your strategy in a language your managers will understand. Be prepared for challenging questions. Reflect your excitement and your belief in innovation while presenting.

Make friends at work

Establish social relationships with colleagues in and out of the workplace. Look for opportunities to have a good time with your team. When you work with people who enjoy spending time together, your day will be more peaceful and enjoyable. It will be easier for you to overcome stressful periods together. You will have a team that works harder to get better results. Sometimes small social gestures such as small gestures and coffee breaks will increase the morale and motivation of your colleagues. Try to evaluate small breaks and make friends in business environment.

Open up a war on bureaucracy

Bureaucracy in the workplace is one of the biggest obstacles. It takes time, emphasizes the hierarchy, says stopping things fast. Extends the steps leading to success and distracts the team with unnecessary details. It kills people’s excitement about projects. Bureaucracy resembles the self-established barriers. However, the small freedoms that are granted to employees at all levels will increase the self-confidence of the employees. Thus, it will pave the way for faster decision-making and execution without losing time. Bureaucracy comes with side effects. Simplifying the complex will make it easier to get the intended result.

Stop micromanagement immediately!

Leave your employees free. Let them discover, develop, heal and they do all this in their own way. Don’t interfere. As an administrator, your job should be to make the progress of things easier. If you are involved in every step, you have a big problem. The problem is you or your employee. You may not be able to control yourself from everything. You may be convinced that things will not go away without you. On the contrary, things may not really go without you. So, your team is full of wrong people. If the situation is the first, you should change yourself. Also, the second you should change yourself.

One is to learn to stand back, not to interfere, not to say anything. You must keep a step-by-step to-do list every moment. In the second case, you should put on your teacher hat and make your team the professionals standing on their feet. Is not it working? So, do all your employees work in the most effective way they use talent and knowledge? Also, you should identify this and look for ways to make teamwork more effective. Still not? Then get ready to rebuild the team.

Do not support severe competition

It is dangerous to support the team blindly. If you criticize others and criticize others, you create an environment of jealousy and enmity. Your employees look at each other as a rival, helping is eliminated. The ambition of individuals who know to pass each other can benefit your department and your company in the short term. However, it will bring great harm to everyone in the middle and long phase. However, there will be times when everyone has distinguished as individuals and their success will shine as a result of their creativity and hard work. So, they need to be celebrated and supported. Underline and appreciate the positive moments and appreciate the team. Instead of focusing on people, highlight the success of your team.


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