Curious Topics About MBA Programs

Curious Topics About MBA Programs
Curious Topics About MBA Programs
  • Abroad MBA and Alternative Programs
  • Those who are successful in their career are doing an MBA. Why is that?
  • Is there a difference from master’s degree?

In fact, MBA is a kind of graduate program. You must successfully complete one of the MBA programs for a position where you want to work as a senior manager.

If you have a bachelor’s degree, you can participate in MBA programs and earn a management formation. Most of the senior executives of today’s large companies have an MBA education. So, getting this education can help you get your level in your career.

Even Successful Managers Prefer to Make an MBA

You can be a very good and loving manager, but there are things you need to do to get to the upper seat. The common characteristics of the people who start to work as a manager in a certain area constantly try to improve themselves.

People who graduated from university years ago need to understand current business models. They need to position according to the changes and developments in their sectors. Many people who start to work as a manager in the middle ages cannot be able to follow the sectoral developments from their daily work tempo. The MBA programs give these managers the chance to eliminate their deficiencies. Those who participate in these programs combine their innovations with the MBA programs with the experiences they have gained over the years.

For Example

If you work in the banking and finance sector, it is more important that you have an MBA degree. If you are working in one of these sectors and you have targeted the position of general manager, you should never take this education. This education is necessary not only to be promoted to an important position but also to be employed in some large companies. Many large companies require this education as a prerequisite during the recruitment phase.

Of course, as soon as you receive this education, you will not be promoted automatically. Magically, a senior company will not be accepted to work in an important business position. But you will learn to use your knowledge and skills as a weapon.

What is the duration of the MBA?

There are over a thousand universities and colleges throughout the world. Generally, people who complete their undergraduate education participate in these programs.

Programs are shorter in duration because they are interested in the MBA programs of people who want to progress in their career. However, the education intensity is very high in this short period.

Don’t make a mistake about you being paid. If you decide to join an MBA program, you can be sure that you will be challenged. Some countries have 2 years in some countries while the duration of the program is 1 year. The length or the length of the time depends on the intensity of the program. If you want to participate in this program while working, you are subject to an intensive program.

Types of MBA Programs

MBA programs are available on a full-time, part-time and online basis. It is not easy to leave the job and decide to study abroad. Therefore, the online education option is attractive to people. Being online is an advantage but not easy at all.

You should follow the lessons with the same seriousness in the normal education, participate in the exams, interact with the instructors. In short, you should show your effort in a normal education to develop yourself in real education.

What Can Be Learned in The MBA Program?

In the first stage of these educations, you will have information about all departments of businesses. Accounting and Finance, Quality Analysis, Economics, Marketing, Organization, Human Resources Management, E-Commerce, Logistics, Information Technology and Strategy etc.

In the second stage, the participant determines a specialization area in which he wants to improve himself. It takes elective courses for this area of ​​expertise and the relevant curriculum is monitored.

Internship in MBA

The internship in the MBA education can be done within the education process as well as after the completion of the education. In some MBA programs, you can complete your internship at another MBA school while continuing your studies at an MBA school in a different country. Internship is a sine qua non in MBA programs, usually 2 or 3 months.

Is There a Requirement to Prepare a Thesis?

Usually you have to write your thesis within 4-5 months after finishing MBA programs. There must be a thesis study with approximately 10000 to 15000 words. Some MBA programs do not require this, and you can graduate without writing a thesis.

What is the Cost of an MBA?

The MBA is usually a cost-effective education program. Many factors, such as the country where the school is located, the size of the school, the types of programs available, the variety of social and cultural activities, and the difference in the cost of living in the school, make it difficult to make choices.

If you have a budget for this education, you will not guarantee that the quality of your education will be high. On the contrary, some universities in some countries can offer more affordable fees. You should analyze the pros and cons well while making your selection. You are not very likely to receive this education again in the rest of your life.

In Some OF Countries MBA

  • In European universities, the MBA education is between 8 thousand and 40 thousand Euros.
  • In the UK between 7 thousand 500 and 18 thousand pounds sterling.
  • In America, the annual tuition fee is between 8 thousand and 45 thousand US dollars.
  • In Canada, annual wages are between 8,000 and 35,000 Canadian Dollars.
  • In Australia, it is between 12 thousand -28 thousand Australian Dollars.

One-year tuition fees are not included in the cost of living.

Online MBA education programs have become widespread in recent years. Because, anyone who has completed his / her bachelor’s degree, can attend MBA programs while he / she is going to work life. Besides, the low cost also increases the attractiveness.

The most preferred type of program after online MBA programs is part-time MBA programs. You may consider joining these programs outside the borders of your country. If you can arrange a part-time job in your country, you can minimize your financial concerns. Because the student is both part-time job and can continue to work.

Admission Requirements to MBA Programs

  • A Bachelor’s or master’s degree in a good degree (at least 2.5 out of 4)
  • Certificate of professional competence
  • 2 references
  • TOEFL at least 213 points
  • GMAT minimum 550 points (each school may not ask)
  • An essay that introduces yourself and summarizes your projects
  • At least 2- 3 years’ work experience


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