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Clever Business Ideas
Clever Business Ideas

Application that enables prisoners to communicate with relatives

This secure app brings prisoners in the United States to their families and friends with an affordable phone and email service.

The new generation smartphone app challenges the US prison system’s communications system. 3 applications to share information was developed by former prisoners. It offers better and cheaper services to 2.3 million people imprisoned.

The application has similar qualities to Instagram and other popular apps. However, it was developed only with the needs of people in prison in mind. It is also available with affordable phone and e-mail service. Prisoners are often able to secure phone and e-mail services. But these two old technologies are demanding higher wages from everyone.

With Pigeonly application, people can send photos to Pigeonly service via their phones. The service then transmits these photos to the prisoners by mail service. The application called FlikShop does a similar task, while doing it in postcard format. InmateAid offers inmates a secure Internet service for the price of Internet service in the region.

There are also apps such as JPay that allow them to purchase allowed tablets and similar products. Families are sending money to prisoners and can use these technologies.

Stay Healthy and Thirsty with Smart Bottles

Using Bluetooth technology, this bottle tells you if you drink enough water. Initiated in Belgium, the initiative offers you the opportunity to monitor the amount of water you drink with the smart bottle it produces. The bottle and the smartphone app used together are examples of the beneficial effect of technology on health. The bottle My_SmartBottle shows you the instant amount of water you drink with the help of sensors inside. Moreover, it is possible to put the drink you want in this bottle and use it. The bottle uses Bluetooth technology to send data to the application on your mobile phone. The application keeps track of the amount of water you drink and warns you about the amount of water you should drink. The application also stores the minerals, antioxidants and the like.

The company started production in a limited number and will put the smart bottle into mass production in autumn of this year. My_SmartBottle’s campaign, which is currently investing on the Indiegogo site, will end in April.

More Nutritious and Better Taste Vegetables Can Be Produced with Smart Lights

With machine-learning technology and advanced lighting, food can be grown faster by natural means.

Founded in London, the capital of England, the IoT Stars initiative offers us this product. This product uses intelligent LED lights with machine learning technology. With this technology, we find the opportunity to grow high quality vegetables at home. You can use the Crop IQ device on the kitchen counter. For example, you want to grow basil. You click on this option in the smartphone application and the Crop IQ automatically adjusts the LED lights. It acts on all stages of plant development.

Plants are found in the leaves and photoreceptors react to light through said proteins. These photoreceptors influence the production of amino acids and other chemical compounds and impart nutritional and taste properties. For home-grown plants, Crop IQ not only contributes to growth, but also to taste, vitamins, minerals and antioxidant properties. With light length, you can grow plants suitable for your taste.

People with no knowledge of agriculture will be able to easily grow the vegetables they want. French engineer Michael Setton made the device for himself. Then he started to do for his friends and the project grew.

The light spectrum controlled by the device uses a chemical reaction-like way called the Maillard reaction, which causes food to darken during cooking. Thus, it can affect the taste and nutrients of plants. Setton emphasizes the importance of the constant adjustment of the light adjustment process during plant development. He says it’s like adjusting the oven’s temperature every minute while cooking to get the best taste. The company has started collecting investment through its website and Envestors platform. Crop will start receiving orders for May 2019 for IQ. It will also deliver in the first months of 2020.


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