Best Times for Job Applications

Best Times for Job Applications
Best Times for Job Applications

There are many factors that affect your job search process, such as your personal criteria, career opportunities. One of the most effective of these is the right time for applying for a job. It’s not hard to guess the wrong time.

  • an education that should end …
  • a compulsory public mission…
  • a retirement age that should be expected …

We won’t waste time counting the wrong ones, the list can go on. So, if these conditions are appropriate, which month, which season we should start looking for work?

The best months to apply for a job … Here they are our recommendations for a good job search process.  When we combine the results of many research companies, it is understood that the gold period for looking for work is January. The exciting period begins in January and continues to decrease in the following months.

Here are the best times to look for work:

New Year New Business

According to research, job search activity is made more on the first day of the year. When we examine the reasons for this, it is to determine the recruitment plans of the companies before this period and to publish them in this period.

Also “1 January” is a new year holiday in all countries. It is quite a lot of people who think that it is not enough to plan a holiday for this short day and spend this time in their homes. In this short period of time, employees are showing a serious interest in newly published job vacancies.

The second most important period

When we analyze the applications, the following results draw attention:

The first six-month period is 14% -15% less popular than the second six-month period.

When we examine the monthly periods, the job search process is slowing in the summer months and in October it gains momentum again.

According to the data, the October job search rate is 28% higher than in June. Some of the reasons why October came to the forefront, such as the end of the summer, the fact that universities are graduating, are the best time to change jobs, there are similar reasons for job seekers and companies.

To summarize briefly, January and October are the months with the highest rates of employment. In the annual average, the second six months, June – December, are the first period in terms of job search and recruitment processes. If you plan to make changes to your career, you should consider these periods.

The likelihood of job applications will increase positively. One of the most important points of a successful job search process is to act as planned as possible. Including making the right job application at the right time.


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