Best Innovations in Clothing Industry

Best Innovations in Clothing Industry
Best Innovations in Clothing Industry

Fashion is a part of everyone’s life, whether consciously interested or not. The fashion industry in the world is a $ 3 trillion market. It accounts for two percent of the income of all countries in the world. The players of such a big and important industry are trying every way to stay up to date. That’s why innovations in the fashion industry are becoming increasingly exciting. Clothing that checks the health of the wearer. Ideas that provide customer loyalty do not stop counting on innovations in the field of fashion. The diversity of the fashion world brings development in many areas from wearable technology to sustainable materials.
While these innovations showcase the most brilliant ideas of this year, they also excite their diversity for the innovations we will see in the coming years.

While these innovations showcase the most brilliant ideas of this year, they also excite their diversity for the innovations we will see in the coming years.

1) Smart Outfit to Measure Wearer’s Pulse

Consumers are now waiting for products to come with new functions beyond their intended use. The manufacturer has not yet produced in athlete and bra format. This product works with an application that you can download to your mobile phone. It helps you analyze your exercises by measuring your heart rhythm and also provides safety by alerting your friends or doctor in an unexpected situation.

2) Handmade “Leather” Shoes: Both Vegan and Organic

The impact of the fashion industry on the environment and natural life has become a factor affecting customer preferences. Designs that use sustainable materials such as this product seem to determine the fashion of the future. The manufacturer uses a cork with leather-like properties as the main material in these shoes. From recycled pet bottles to a material called eco-cotton, these shoes are environmentally friendly in every respect. Because it is handmade and requires very special processes, it takes several years to manufacture and is also anti-bacterial and durable for many years.

3) Smart Hangers that Help Decide What to Wear

This is a by-product of innovation in the fashion industry, allowing you to receive personalized fashion advice without leaving your own home. By analyzing information such as time, weather and temperature, the smart hanger that offers you clothing suggestions from your hat to your shoe opens up when you come in front of the movement and helps you like an assistant. The Take Off Hanger, where you can record your daily schedule, can diversify its recommendations by considering this information. You can also access the smart hanger remotely via the phone app.

4) A clothing brand that rewards customers as they use their products

Innovation in the fashion world is not limited to the designs of clothing. Tommy Hilfiger put smart labels on clothes in this project he started. Thus, the company not only keeps its customers satisfied but also determines the future route by following the success of its products.

5) AR Hologram Application Enables Customers to Inspect Products 3D

Three-dimensional technologies are often associated with the entertainment industry. However, this technology has found itself a place in the fashion world. Utilizing augmented reality and hologram technology, this innovation brings mannequins and products to your customers so that they can explore the products they want to buy in more detail. You can see the product you want to buy in 3D at any time without going to the store.

This application, which you can use on your computer or mobile device, will open a whole new era in online shopping.

6) Space Technology Sports Bra

Another brand has taken smart technologies to another dimension and developed a product that not only monitors the wearer’s movements but also reacts to them. Inspired by NASA’s technology for space suits, sports bras are a great example of futurism in fashion. The product claims to be a wearable coach that uses a bacterium to respond to the needs of the user during sport and at rest.

7) Slippers from Sustainable Raw Material

The efforts of clothing brands to produce more sustainable products are once again seen. One of the most basic raw materials normally used in shoe soles and slippers is EVA. This substance is an oil-based foam and is therefore not a renewable resource. The shoe company uses a plant-based raw material in these colorful flip-flops from Allbirds. Thus, the company aims to leave a smaller carbon footprint for all of us and invites competing companies to do the same.

8) Laser Measurement for Cycling Clothing

Another good example of the use of high-end technology in the fashion field is this method for perfectly determining clothes with laser. This system, developed by Australian cyclist Nathaniel Peek, will be very useful in sports where the importance of equipment such as bicycles is very high. The system first performs a laser scan to measure the athlete’s measurements with very high precision, and then tailor-made clothing is produced. Considering that sportswear has a rapidly growing place in the fashion sector, it is only a matter of time before this technology is used in other sports.

9) Makeup for Men

Innovation often brings about changes in social perception. This company also aims to change the perspective of beauty products. In addition to make-up materials for men; There are also cosmetic products made from fruits to be disposed of, and personalized, environmentally friendly products from which one can determine his or her own organic materials.

10) World’s Thinest Wearable Screen

The latest point of wearable technology is the Royal Flexible + Wearables produced by Royole, a Chinese company. Only 0.01 millimeters thick, the AMOLED display is very flexible. This means that it can be worn without weight and without limiting the user’s movement. The designs that can be created with a wearable screen seem almost limitless. With this product, the company aims to maximize user interaction with the environment.


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