Becoming a Team Leader when Transitioning from Expertise to Management

Becoming a Team Leader when Transitioning from Expertise to Management
Becoming a Team Leader when Transitioning from Expertise to Management

In the past, you were in the forefront with the technical knowledge you have. Now you need to demonstrate your other skills and use them actively. That is, technical knowledge is not the first place in the managerial position. The manager organizes experts with technical knowledge. It is the person who has the skills to uncover the maximum benefit from them. If you have reached the Manager position, you should no longer act as an expert. A good manager should include team members in the process.

Then we have to clarify these terms first.

  • What is an expert?
  • The person who has the knowledge and skills in a certain subject is called an expert.
  • What is an administrator?
  • The person who manages the process in a field is called an administrator.

What happens if the manager acts like an expert?

It is dangerous to always instill the idea that I know correctly to other members of the team. Because employees with this idea may start to feel worthless. Thus, harmony within the group is disrupted and failure comes with it. In addition, it is accepted by all circles that the team has killed their soul. An organization separated from the team spirit cannot achieve success only with the hierarchical structure. Team members start to be productive when they think that their ideas are valued.

Managers may think that team members do not obey their managers when they see that the job is not done as they want. It can be very complicated and difficult for one of the members who is in charge of a job that looks too simple for the administrator. Solving the problem in another way with inadequate technical knowledge is not something that the manager can easily accept. However, a good manager should be prepared for this. Otherwise, the team members lose the initiative reflex. After a while, the administrator may have to do even simple tasks himself.

One of the probable problems that people will face from transitioning from expertise to management is the commitment of all jobs. Rather than creating a self-functioning system, creating a system in need of it is mostly against the administrator. Jobs are connected to the manager and he is expected to make a decision. This may cause other jobs to fail.

Ideas to facilitate the transition from expertise to management

  • Trust the members of the executive team.
  • Believe that they can do a successful job and encourage them to do so.
  • Deficiencies and defects should be explained in a constructive way.
  • The manager should respect the opinions of the members of the team.
  • The manager should know that the business can work successfully in other ways.
  • In order to establish a trust environment, the manager must make efforts.
  • Create a learning and teaching profile for him / herself.
  • Take responsibility in the event of a crisis and share congratulations with the team in success


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