Are You Experienced Enough for Your Dream Job?

Are You Experienced Enough for Your Dream Job?
Are You Experienced Enough for Your Dream Job?

On our way to our dreams, thoughts may often appear like this: (I have more ways), (I am not yet fully equipped to achieve this), (I’m not good enough to do that right now.) But what if?

To feel that we are still inadequate to reach our dreams and to think that we have more paths is a common feeling that we all experience. Graduates new or ready to make a change in their career, so that you stay one step away from being an expert. Sometimes this may be true but believe that this is often an error.

Here are 4 reasons why you think that it is not suitable for your dream company or position:

You Passionate

If you are really a worker who is passionate about the field you choose, if your enthusiasm and curiosity are strong, it is enough to overcome many obstacles.

Passion makes you work harder than anyone. Passion leads to extra effort to acquire new skills when necessary and to do the job right. Passion means that you will inspire and inspire your colleagues.

What if a potential employer sees this real passion? This is more valuable to you than gold. Tell me what you’re doing to the company, your passion, the most exciting thing about your mission.

You have fresh ideas

You can’t believe how many (successful companies) spend so much time, money, and resources for this success. Such companies are often stuck in known (old) methods of success. Such old systems, however, mean old policies that no longer make sense.

As a new (inexperienced) new employee, you can make a discovery that can be easily developed, bringing up a topic where 100 people are not aware or blind. Achieving a new pair of eyes means that you can draw attention by putting in a real value.

The fastest way to prove it to a recruiter is by expressing it in a way. You have to tell me that you know the company well, you know where you’re going, and you have a whole new plan on the way.

You can adapt quickly

Are you learning new technologies, responding to new demands, or adapting to new tasks? Don’t worry, you’re the new generation, and in this age of technology, all these skills are in your DNA code. (Yes, what’s next?) Your problem.

The best way to demonstrate this is to be aware of all the newest and most effective skills needed in the industry. And you should mention this in detail in your CV.

You have real skills

Contrary to what you think, you have real, solid, marketable skills.

He has developed a long-standing blog, communication and writing skills. Thanks to the theater group you are able to speak with confidence in front of the masses. Examples such as this may be reproduced. Many of your hobbies or hobbies in your social life give you valuable skills that you can use in your business life.

Volunteer projects, part-time jobs, every experience you have in the camps is important. Having only work experience in life does not lead to success, so don’t forget to mention these experiences in your resume.


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