Advertising and Promotions Managers Job Description

Advertising and Promotions Managers Job Description
Advertising and Promotions Managers Job Description

Advertising managers job description; It starts from the preparation of the communication technique, produces and manages the creative design and provides the ongoing, integrated presentation service. The campaign work, which starts with the extraction of the company profile and financial infrastructure, usually ends with the application of computer-aided, graphic design and the application of these designs to the promotional tool to be used. These stages are realized by the agencies that are already in the fields of specialization. Advertising managers; from the first exit of the brands, until the summit, at every stage to grow it, to differentiate, will support him makes market research.

They can make photographic and film shootings. Multimedia services, public relations, marketing team, etc. can be found depending on the structure of the agency. What kind of agencies are working in this sector? the answer to the question, if we try to sort the substance matter;

Advertising managers working on offset printing: make magazines, catalogs, posters etc. using print shops.

The printing houses now operate as agencies. Gene also produces books, magazines, posters, flyers, inserts, newspapers, etc. But the agency does not like the application.

Outdoor promotion managers job description; they usually use digital printing formats, in fact, they are digital agencies. Prepares design and application for vehicles such as bilboard, banner, signage etc.

Advertising managers working in the promotional area; usually to promote the company, the promotional product to prepare and to distribute to the market. For example; pen, organizer, cup, badge etc

Internet Advertising Managers; Banner provides services such as cost-per-click, E-Mail Introductions, Pop ups, Sales Partnerships, Content Sponsorships, and per-view channels.

Of course, these are the agencies that work in line with other areas. Apart from these, as mentioned above, there are fully integrated agencies. Even if they are small, such agencies can do all the work done by the managers in the above field in cooperation with the agencies outside the organization, even if they are not in their organization. Here, they can carry out full-fledged services in all areas, using all necessary channels, without ever interfering with the content of the business.

Considering the wide range of campaigns carried out in this way, the election campaigns of political parties may come to mind. Political parties give them a single, full-fledged agency that will carry them. That agency can do all the channels it needs, even if it cannot do it within its own structure, by establishing a partnership with the agency operating in that field.


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