Adapted Physical Education Specialists Job Description

Adapted Physical Education Specialists Job Description

What is Adapted Physical Education Specialists Job Description

Adapted Physical Education Specialist job description, youth and Sports related activities in an institutional structure and in line with certain principles, to manage healthy, to carry out activities to send young people to clubs, to provide opportunities for young people to make sports and to provide their participation in sporting activities, is a qualified person who has the ability to cooperate, participate in competitions and participate in other youth activities.

Job Name: Adapted Physical Education Specialists
Job Main Group: Technicians, Technicians and Professional Professional Members
Job Sub-Main Group: Associate Professional Employees Related to Legal, Social, Cultural and Similar Areas
Job Group: Sports and Fitness Employees
Job Unit Group: Sports Coaches, Trainers and Referees
Minimum Education Level Required: License

What do Adapted Physical Education Specialists do and What are Their Duties?

Adapted Physical Education Specialists in line with the general working principles of the Operator, we use tools, equipment and equipment in an efficient manner, in accordance with occupational health, occupational safety and environmental protection regulations and professional efficiency and quality requirements:

  • To determine the annual strategies related to sportive branch which will be active in provinces and to present them to related units,
  • To scan among the young people in the field of activity, to use scientific data on talent selection,
  • To ensure that young people are informed about general aspects of nutrition, health and sports,
  • To organize studies on encouraging young people to spore,
  • To cooperate with relevant persons and institutions in relation to the proper use of facilities,
  • Keeping the health of the youth in the foreground while exercising and taking the necessary precautions,
  • To support young people in relation to school and family,
  • To support other public institutions and organizations in the province related to sportive activities and to work towards encouraging employees to spore,
  • To set up teams and participate in competitions in relation to the branch,
  • Taking the teams’ preparations for the competition, obtaining the permissions for the competition and following the related processes after the competition,
  • To do game analysis, to archive information and data, to evaluate when necessary,
  • To prepare the athletes for the national teams, to work towards establishing health relations with the federation,
  • To prepare national and international projects on youth and sports,
  • To share and evaluate the projects that have been prepared with related parties, to create resources and possibilities for spores and athletes,
  • To support the sportsmen in discipline and order in their non-sports life, to inform sportsmen about nutrition,
  • To inform the athletes about ergogenic aid and doping,
  • To support the activities of the athletes towards the development of self confidence and decision making mechanisms,
  • To follow sportsman’s psychology, to do necessary work on fair play and gymnastics,
  • To conduct guidance, counseling and awareness-raising activities for young people and their families,
  • To follow and apply developments in the field of profession, etc. fulfill the tasks and operations,

Can be described as the job titles given to those who fulfill their duties.


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