Able Seaman Job Description and Tasks

Able Seaman Job Description and Tasks

What is Able Seaman Job Description?

Able Seaman job description is on board or offshore, with at least 2 years of experience, experience as a captain, officer, assistant officer, crew and assistant service personnel of the ship on board in accordance with the business agreement with the employer. At the beginning of the races, there is also a crew, the lostromo. Except for the captain, the rest of the staff depends on the department supervisors. At the beginning of the deck section, the officer is chief engineer at the head of the machinery section. Division heads are also captain. The captain is the governor of the whole ship.


He is the person who carries and manages the ship. According to the situation, it is the representative of the flag state, the ship and the persons involved in the loading.


Captain is the person who helped ship management. According to its position on the ship, the division performs maneuvering or shift supervision, keeps a security watch, manages cargo operations, controls ship machinery and equipment, and carries out maintenance and attitudes about the department.

Assistant Officer

Electricians, electricians, electronic and electric officers, mechanical engineers and technicians, data processing machines programmers and operators, scientists working on science vessels, who are obliged to keep the ship radio officer and medical officer, health officer, nurse and vessels according to their specifications, and similar personnel, ship clerk, ship clerk assistant and cabin officers.

Assistant Service Personnel

According to the nature of the gateways, in addition to the service officers at the ship, the service hired is the personnel. Service personnel on passenger ships are in this class.


Students who are studying at educational institutions and who are on board for practical training.


The ship’s captain working on deck, machinery and cabin sections of the ship is defined as a Master Shipper, except for ship officers, auxiliary officers and trainees. They perform the duties assigned by their supervisors according to legislation, contract, training and competencies. They are responsible for maneuvers on the deck or machine, controls, maintenance and repair, seizures, cooking and service, in brief, except for the duties of captain and officers. On board, captains and officers form the management staff and all personnel live and work in a certain order on board.

Gravity of the Ship’s Life and Tiredness

We can describe the life of the ship in short as being satisfied with the sense of adventure within the divisions and deprivations and making money on the other hand. However, it is not necessary to overdo it. In general, rumors are always about extreme numbers. Earnings are somewhat higher for those who are in the hierarchical structure, and for those who are on the top in the hierarchical structure. In addition, there is a discourse that has become a proverb, and it should not be forgotten. “The wife of the mariner is a widow, a piece of money.” It is tried to be said that it is difficult to be a marine partner with this word and that the material gain obtained for separation is also inefficient.

Person Analysis

A person who wishes to become a Able Seaman should first identify his profession with Able Seaman qualifications and then analyze himself and determine whether he is in line with this profession. The right thing to do in this regard is to go directly to where your profession is performed, to see the work done, to breathe that air, to talk with the Able Seaman and take their thoughts. Then the person decides whether he or she is fit for his or her own characteristics, structure and occupation and for the Able Seaman status.

The Able Seaman shall have the following qualifications, which are not limited:

  • To be able to keep up with the difficult life of the sea, the body and ruhen should be healthy.
  • The tension in the sea must have a spiritual structure that can withstand loneliness and hard life, and there should be no psychological problems.
  • Adventure sentiment must be strong.
  • It must be foldable to deprivation.
  • The moral structure must be strong.
  • He must be industrious.
  • They should be able to work under discipline.
  • It should not be overly connected to home life.
  • He should not be addicted to money

Apply to Work

Work requests made to ship operators are assessed by the personnel directorates and calls are made according to the needs. The following points are considered in the evaluation.

  • Whether or not the requested job requires staff.
  • Whether or not the candidate has the necessary documentation and documentation for the vessel’s mission.
  • Whether or not the validity of the documents and documents that are owned continues.
  • Health and police visas and vaccinations are complete.
  • Whether it is in line with the company’s working conditions in general terms, taking into consideration the age and previous tasks.
  • Whether occupational or personal characteristics are suitable for assignment by intelligence from previous working places.


In the case of responding to the business applications made to the companies, the application which is appropriate should be notified in a short time to the applicant that the application is negative or positive. But in general this is not the case and only those who are accepted as applicants are invited to the interview. In these interviews, it is tried not to measure the ability of the Master Trainee candidates to take responsibility, discipline, and get a good relationship with the supervisor and other personnel, as well as the psychological analysis, physical ability and appearance competence such as yearly experience, professional competence, quick understanding and comprehension. The interview is not one-sided. Able Seaman also makes an assessment of the work, inquires if they do not know it, agrees on their request and decides whether the work meets their own standards. In acceptance, some documents are required. When these documents come, the employment contract, ie the service, shall be made in duplicate in writing with the employer or employer and the representative in accordance with the Maritime Labor Code.


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