8 Steps to Earning Additional Revenue

8 Steps to Earning Additional Revenue
8 Steps to Earning Additional Revenue

Don’t let an ordinary person rule you with his ideas. When you dream, he thinks you’re crazy. He thinks you’re lucky when you’re successful. He thinks you’re insatiable when you make a fortune. Don’t mind them.

Are you ready to leave your profitable career in sales to become an entrepreneur and pursue your passion? If so, you can start planning your initial strategy for this purpose. Passion allows you to increase your potential and make significant improvements in your results.

If you have earned your first additional income by working in many positions in the sales position, continue reading our article. In the following years, you can earn additional income by using the formula below and in different fields. Anyone who cares about economic comfort can create at least one additional source of income. This is no longer a must.

Diversifying your income stream helps protect yourself and your family from the ups and downs of the country’s economy. Nowadays, relying on a single source of income has financial risks. Therefore, you must find at least one or more additional revenue sources from which you can generate cash flow.

Your additional income streams can be active, passive, or a combination of the two. You can diversify your income flow in different sectors to protect yourself against the big losses in periods when the economy deteriorates. Unfortunately, this secret about being rich is not told to people, but it is not magic. It is also not complicated.

Here are 8 steps to earn additional income

1 – Create financial security

This idea is not attractive, but it is mandatory. Do not waste time and energy to generate your second income stream until you secure your primary income. Whether you are a regular business or your own business, you need to create and secure your primary monthly income before you pursue other steps.

 2 – Clarify your unique values

Every person on this planet has unique skills, abilities, life experiences and values ​​that it can offer. Think of your knowledge, experience, skills or solutions that others can value and buy.

3 – Get to know your market

Decide who to serve. Who will pay you according to your contribution or the problems you will help to solve?

4 – Create a community

Your most valuable asset may be your mailing list. So, focus on enlarging your list. The email community is not just a list of names. On the contrary, believe that each is an individual with dreams and hopes.

Here are tips on how to build your community:

Get an email marketing program (better: AWeber, better: Infusionsoft)

Get a program where you can create an opt-in page (good: LeadPages.com, better: Kajabi).

You can create value-added distributable products such as free reports, e-books, video or audio training. So people will give you their e-mail address in exchange for this contribution.

5 – Ask your community about their wishes and needs

You can anticipate people’s wishes and needs. You can invest time in forecasting and then hope your forecast is correct. Hoping to forget, however, is not the best strategy. You can send surveys to community members using free services such as SurveyMonkey. Thus, you can learn their wishes or needs. Asking open-ended questions will then help you brainstorm or offer multiple options.

 6 – Produce solutions

Once you know the needs and needs of your community members, get started and find solutions. This can be a product or service (consulting or training), physical or digital (book, video, audio, written training program or software).

7 – Plan the launch

Imagine how Apple first unveiled its products. The company doesn’t just put the product on the shelf or on the website. No, the company is turning it into an event. Apple has created an expectation months ago and people have camped in front of the stores for weeks to be first.

8 – Find a mentor

The best way to shorten your learning curve and get specific results is to find people who have accomplished what you want to do and to model their behavior. Instead of trying to find solutions for yourself, find someone who has already accomplished your wishes. Determine how this person has achieved them, model and apply this behavior.

You can find a coach if you want to have a face-to-face relationship. This means that you can read an expert’s books or articles or do internet research. After the evaluation process you will take your first step. Plan to start implementing these steps one by one. Then enjoy the additional income and financial comfort and freedom.


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