8 Business Ideas Bringing Fun and Comfort to Your Life

8 Business Ideas Bringing Fun and Comfort to Your Life
8 Business Ideas Bringing Fun and Comfort to Your Life

Business Idea 1: Cloud Connected Smart Board

Boards are efficient tools that can be used to show your ideas and knowledge to other people. However, they are far from perfect. Are the things you wrote and drawn? I mean, the best thing to do is to take a picture of you before you wipe your efforts. Well, what if there was a better way. If you had a way to store all your drawings, articles with cloud technology and share them with others. Wouldn’t it be nice? Then meet Think Board X.

How does it work?

Dropbox, Evernote, Google Docs. You can even mark one of the many options you have, including your email box. You can also send the data on the board directly to the cloud.

Business Idea 2: Mosquito Repellent Wearable Technology

Business Idea 2: Mosquito Repellent Wearable Technology

Nobody wants to get caught in the storm. Because they are quite annoying weather events. The mosquitoes seem to think like us. When they feel the storm is coming, they stop looking for people and looking for shelter. Nobody criticizes mosquitoes that make sense in this matter. But some scientists can use these interesting evolutionary features. The new way of defeating these blood-sucking insects comes from this evolutionary instinct.

At this point the Nopixgo wristbands enter the circuit. According to the description, the bracelet emits a very weak electromagnetic signal. So, the bracelet makes mosquitoes believe the storm is coming. The product pushes away to find a place to seek refuge. Thanks to this clever solution, people do not need to use chemicals. At the beginning of the product development team, Johan Niklasson. He says the bracelet is a revolutionary innovation. Because mosquitoes have no chance of adapting to the situation because their DNA is used against them. Niklasson says this method is more effective than the use of bad odors or disturbing sounds. He adds that the technology that can do this has just emerged.

Business Idea 3: Walking Cane Can Filter Water

The most sought-after products in outdoor activities are now designed to serve multiple purposes. It is true that in the development of the products we no longer rely on borders. We do not add innovation except to make products lighter and easier. For this reason, it was inevitable for designers to produce products that serve multiple purposes. Thanks to this fashion, tents have been built into a backpack. Products that can be used as raincoats and blankets have been developed. So, many impressive innovations have entered our lives.

We have examined the latest example for the products that gather different tasks. PurTrek has a walking stick, water purifier. You should only start by pumping the hose on the cane and opening the handle. The water flowing into the filter can be filled with the help of the hose inside the water cane. Tents used as support bars were also produced. This will significantly reduce the number of loads you need to carry for the camp.

Business Idea 4: Virtual Reality Game Cockpit

Are you a technology addict who wants to experience the virtual reality experience much more intensively? Can you give me the money in a game seat that looks like you’re out of Star Trek? Then, this product is for you.

Entrepreneur Mark Towner designed a motion simulator in the form of a cockpit. It was formed by placing the multi-directional wheels on the half sphere. The hardware is like the virtual reality seats in the big game rooms. However, it is designed for home use. It has cockpit, swinging, tilting and turning skills. In this way, users can quickly and quietly turn to the desired direction. Vibration accessories were placed for a more real experience. In this way, you can feel vibrations from all directions. Then, you are having an intense virtual reality.

Business Idea 5: 3D Printer, Laser Engraving and CNC Machine

3D Printer, Laser Engraving and CNC Machine

Slowly, 3D printers are becoming more accessible and cheaper day by day. They had a price tag of over $ 3,000 on their first day. 3D printers can be sold much cheaper nowadays. Now it’s easy to find a 3D printer for less than $ 500.

iCreatum is the latest product added to this cheap printer market. 99 euros for about 120 dollars at Kickstarter offered for sale. The printer is probably the cheapest 3D printer on the market. But the only attractive aspect of the product is its low price. This affordable machine, thanks to its interchangeable head, can take on the tasks of 3D printer as well as laser engraving and CNC machine tasks.

Although it seems quite different, it is necessary not to get excited. Because, 3D printers, Kickstarter projects failure rate is quite high. We don’t know exactly why. However, the past years have taught us to be careful about 3D printers.

Business Idea 6: Easily Movable Tripod

It is essential to use a tripod to capture some photo frames. But these tools are very cumbersome and time-consuming devices. This new design called Lumapod is a solution. According to the company’s claim, the tripod is kept in balance with the help of wires. These wires are the main components of Lumapod’s patented voltage system. In this way, the tripod can stay in balance despite its short legs.

Lumapod will be available in two different sizes. Professional cameras with compact cameras and interchangeable lenses can be used. Thanks to its intelligent design, the apparatus can be fully installed within 4 seconds. The tripod has also been developed for interchangeable feet, surface alignment and movement apparatus.

Business Idea 7: Handlebar Light

Being visible at dusk is vital to cycling. But despite all these front and rear light systems, cycling in the dark can still be dangerous. The point is to be constantly visible from all angles. But most light systems do not appear from the sides. In addition, vehicles passing by, you can experience difficulties in following your place. For this reason, Cycl’s designers have created a new lighting system that can be seen from all sides and connected to the handlebar.

The creators of the product introduce their products on the pages of Kickstarter

Front and rear lights reveal the presence of the biker. However, the fact that they do not appear on the sides does not give enough information to the surrounding vehicle drivers about the size of the bike. Therefore, there may be dangerous overtaking and obstruction situations. WingLights 360 offers 360-degree lighting for cyclists. It allows vehicle drivers to move more safely.

Business Idea 8: Electric Skate

When the subject is interesting means of transport, Segway is headed. Meet the Segway Drift W1 like a skateboard that provides its own balance. Drift W1 works like a flying skateboard for both feet.

The company made its first balance scooter. Then, developed the Drift W1 with similar operation logic. As the first products in the category of electric skates is remarkable. The Drift W1 seems to be the combination of traditional skates with the 21st century. On the one hand it seems to repair something that already works well. Nonetheless, according to Segway, acquired by Ninebolt in 2015, this new generation of skates will be one of the most popular products.



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