5 Suggestions to Boost Your Self Confidence Before Interview

5 Suggestions to Boost Your Self Confidence Before Interview
5 Suggestions to Boost Your Self Confidence Before Interview

It may be scary to go to an important interview. We have compiled 5 easy ways to increase your confidence and self-confidence before the interview.

  1. Stop telling yourself a story

One of the main tasks of your brain; the risk is to the lowest level, the gain is to the highest level, so if you come across a situation that you don’t know what is happening, your brain will tell you stories to make you feel safe, so that you get rid of the feeling of being stuck.

(I’ll never get this job, they’ll tell me I’m not suitable for this soon. What if the recruitment manager doesn’t like me? Already such opportunities always go to someone from the inside or get the people they already know. I have no chance.)

When your brain doesn’t know what’s going to happen, it translates stories, so it’s important to be aware of them when your brain makes up creative stories.

Notice your worried moments and give yourself a few minutes to think about how ridiculous they are. Then return to the real situation. This is the way to be self-confident in your interviews to reach your goal.

  1. Become Your Best

Being at your best is to be at the top of the game; is to be in moments when you feel excited and alive. Two things happen at such moments. First, you use everything you’re good at all (all your skills, experience, intelligence, skills, strengths, and instincts). Second, you do not allow your concern to suppress your self-confidence.

In an interview, the combination of the two gives you the feeling that everything is good, which makes you feel good.

To reach this stock, you can try the following exercise: Sit down and close your eyes and imagine how you feel when you get excited. Which part of your body you feel more alive, maybe your stomach, your chest or your fingertips. Imagine that your body is the source of this energy. When you need it, focus on your body and return to the main, where you feel the best, most powerful.

  1. Breathe and Give

Anxiety is a psychological response to a risk situation, an answer that causes your heart to beat faster, sweat your palms, and make your thoughts blend. In the case of such anxiety, the only way to become more stable is to breathe.

If you start to worry before the interview, give your attention to your breathing. Pay attention to how you breathe, the movements of your body while breathing, and even the pauses between your breath-making times.

Breathing helps stimulate the thinking, expression and decision-making of the brain.

  1. Normalize Rejection

If you’re a candidate, being rejected can question whether you’re as good as you think. You start to think about what you’re doing, which the recruiter doesn’t like. This feeling of shame can make you feel small and insignificant.

Rejection doesn’t have to be so important and scary. If you are not invited to a second interview, it is not the end of the world and does not mean that you are not good enough.

Do not personally perceive this rejection; just think that it wasn’t the right job for you.

  1. Evaluate the Process from a Humane Perspective

It is easy to think that the interviewees are only there to judge you. Sometimes you can even see them as opposed forces that want to capture your mistake or something you say wrong.

Of course, you’re invited because the resume and your pre-work were the attention of the hiring manager. You have been invited to speak because the company wants to hear more about you, and the recruitment manager wants to talk more about your experiences than on the paper.

Believe me, they’re on your side. They want to know what you can do with who you are, whether you follow company culture. So, think of them as collaborators who want to help you get the job, not as enemies who want to defeat you.

You can become a more powerful and easily understood interviewer by repeating these five tips. Instead of fearing an inevitable job interview, you will look forward to knowing what you will do mentally and physically.


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